Nothing is more special than the bond shared by a mother and a daughter. Their love for each knows no bound and limits. And nothing could show this better than a matching and personalized mother daughter necklace. Gone are the days when you would think of a heart-shaped locket when you want a mother daughter necklace; you have great options ready and available online that start at less than a hundred. But going the extra mile means that you and your daughter could share a truly special and personalized necklace handcrafted by a professional artist.

But whether you are browsing online or looking forward to call a jewelry store to have your design commissioned, here are some tips to find the best and unique gift idea for that special woman in your life:

Know What You Want

The option is almost limitless. From antique charms down to sterling silver pendants, your option in shopping for the best mother daughter necklace goes beyond your imagination. There are two things that you need to consider: the chain type and pendant. But whatever design you would go for, timelessness and elegance should always guide you in deciding which necklace you would choose.

Finding Your Perfect Match

Length. One of the most important factors that you should consider is the length of necklaces. Would you want it visible for everyone to see? Or, do you want to keep it between a mother and daughter? Most mother and daughter necklaces are in 14-20 inches in length, and, by far, they are the most popular options. Anything less than 14 inches could make your neck bigger and might crowd your neckline; on the other hand, a dangling locket may look awkward if it goes longer than 20 inches. For example, most personalized mother and daughter necklaces over 18 inches are no longer visible when worn with most types of dresses or blouses.

Material. A mother daughter necklace is one form of legacy: it is something that you could pass on from one generation to the next. In fact, the passing of a mother daughter necklace is one of the traditions practiced for years alongside other family jewelries. The first thing that should come in mind when choosing which material you should go for is that the necklace is something that you want to last forever, for keeps. To have a necklace that would pass the test of time, if you can, limit your option with silver or gold for the chain and pearls or diamonds for the pendant.

Tip: silver lends the wearer that "always fresh" look while gold leans to the more traditional look. Gold is simply timeless but would look to painfully formal when you're in jeans; silver, on the other hand, would look out of place when worn with evening gowns, especially those that are in mute colors. If you want the best from both worlds, you may want to ask to ask your jeweler for a special chain that has gold on one side and silver on the other. Opt for a softer, more "nude" mother daughter necklace to get that coordinated look anywhere, anytime.