It is not just a myth. Recent studies have proven that pregnant women do benefit from having regular exercise routines, in that their birthing experience is easier and less painful. That being said, it is a must to consult a doctor before pursuing any physical activity. This is to avoid compromising both the mother's and the baby's safety.

As for the actual physical activity, there is a wide range of exercises that an expecting mother can choose from. Some women prefer to do only walks and stretches, while others go all the way and go running and even swimming. On a separate note, whatever the activity may be, it is important for the mother to wear proper workout clothing, in order to ensure maximum support for her and for her baby.

Here are some of the maternity activewear available in the market today.

Maternity shorts and maternity leggings. These maternity-specific clothes are better than the regular ones in that they provide additional support along the waist. On the other hand, if the mother is still in her first trimester, regular activewear may also be used.

Bike shorts. These shorts provide both excellent support and suitable coverage, the reason it is very popular among expecting mothers today.

Belly belt. This may come in hand especially in the late stages of pregnancy, when even more support is needed.
Maternity unitards. While somewhat unfashionable, unitards are ideal for mothers who have issues with chafing around the waist areas and between the legs.

Maternity swimwear. These are better when they come in one-piece, as those kinds, however rare, also provide the best kind of support for a woman's growing belly.

Fortunately, maternity workout clothing is not as rare as it used to be. Today, even popular stores like Target carry items like these, as do brands like Gap. There are also a variety of online stores that offer a wide variety of these clothes.