Protecting Your Pride and Joy

If you're passionate about your car or truck, you have no doubt spent hours of your free time cleaning and polishing it so it looks its best. These processes also remove dirt and grime which can lead to rust and corrosion on your vehicle's exterior. Mothers is a company that offers a wide ranging line of inexpensive products to help you keep your auto in tip top shape! Since it would take a thick book to cover all the products, here are a few essentials for the average person to care for the most significant aspects of a vehicle's exterior.

Mothers PowerBall

This product is made of foam and is a ball shape, but is made of a cluster of foam pieces for increased surface area. It has a bit that can be fixed into a power drill for rotary polishing that is easy on the arms and hands. Apply product to the surface and start slowly to avoid flinging polish or wax into unwanted areas. Work up to speed and be sure to move the ball around to avoid burning the paint or finish. One great feature of this is that it compresses for smaller areas, and can also be found in a "mini" size, and a "4 paint" version. Depending on the size, the cost will be $15-25 CAD.

Mothers Chrome PolishPolished Chrome WheelsCredit: Chris Voorberg

This little bottle will last through many cycles of cleaning, and only costs around $6 CAD. Simplyapply to a cloth, rag, shop towel or your preferred cleaning item, and gently rub onto chromed surface. When it dries it will turn a light grey color, and can be easily wiped off with a clean cloth to reveal a spotless shine. For tough grime such as sticky brake dust on wheels, try using a low speed rotary device like the Mothers PowerBall or PowerBall mini.

Mothers Back to Black

This bottle costs only slightly more than the chrome polish at $9 CAD, and will also last a long time if used sparingly. By applying with a rag or cloth to plastic parts of vehicles, it can return the deep black color that these trim pieces may lose over time due to drying out under the hot sun. This usually lasts through several cleaning cycles so you will save time by only needing to do this a few times a year or less.

Mothers FX SynWax

This wax product is a synthetic liquid that can be applied by wax applicator pads, or with the Mothers PowerBall 4 Paint for easy application. After the product dries to a haze, it should be easy to remove by wiping with a soft cloth. A clean microfiber cloth is the best choice to get a great shine. The synthetic formula makes this wax easy to apply and remove, but causes it to bond tightly to the vehicle's finish for great lasting protection, shine and depth.