Mothers Day is not far, and here are some great gift basket ideas for mom.

When you are creating a gift basket, it really just means a collection of things that your mom will like. It does not mean you have to rush out and find a basket. Personally I find the baskets expensive, and quite often end up in the re-use center for a buck or two!

So, rather than wasting your money on the basket part, make the container a gift as well.

If you really want a basket for the container, then go to the re-use it stores and get one for cheap. You don't want all your money wrapped up in the basket, that she may or may not use.

That having been said, here are a few themed Mothers day gift basket ideas for mom.

1. Garden theme. Purchase a terra cotta plant pot, and fill it with gardening goodies, such as hand tools for the garden, gardening gloves, spring bulbs, a gardening tool pouch that can hold those hand tools, sun screen, and gardening books with great ideas.

2. Herb Garden. Still on the gardening theme, you could be a bit more focused on the part of the garden your mom likes. If she is in an apartment, perhaps a kit made up for herb gardening, such as the small terra cotta pots, the seed packs, and a tray to keep them in. The tray can be your container for all your goodies that your mom will need to start and maintain her herb garden. You could even include a cook book for herbs.

3. Pasta Theme. If you mom loves to cook, and loves pasta, then get a large metal colander, and fill it with great pasta accessories. Different types of pasta, fancy sauces, specialty ingredients, pasta tools and strainers, a great pasta cookbook, garlic press, block of parmesan cheese etc..

4. Bath Theme. Get a container or small window box, that will fit on the back of the toilet or on the vanity, that will contain the bath goodies you will get your mom, such as bath salts, lavender bubble bath, etc, and wrap it all up in a beautiful thick bath towel or robe.

5. Patio Theme. Get your mom a relaxing outside chair, and small table for her choice of beverage. You could surprise her by purchasing her a ice bucket, or some other patio type container, and take a picture of the chair, or draw a picture of the chair, and have it in the ice bucket with a few other gifts, such as a bottle of wine, and some nice glasses, some cheese and crackers, and anything else she would enjoy sitting outside in her chair. She will see the chair picture, and then look outside, or if you need to deliver it, she will see what she is getting.

6. Specialty Food Theme. Get a nice indoor plant container, and fill it with specialty foods she make like but does not buy herself. There are many European stores, and British Stores out there now, that will carry your mom's favorite specialty foods. Fill the container with these foods, and wrap the whole thing with a pretty table cloth or tea towel.

Not only is the container a nice gift, but the wrapping can be to. This is much better for your mom and the environment! Make all parts of the gift useful.

7. Pet Theme. This is another Mothers Day gift basket idea. If your mom has a special pet friend, whether it is a cat, dog, ferret or whatever, you can get pet supplies and treats. Just head to the nearest large pet store, and you could use a cat bed or dog bed as a container, and fill it with extra goodies, and a nice new brush, and include a card that says you will brush the pet for her as a treat. Or if you can afford it, a gift certificate to a pet grooming facility. Make sure to include a special treat for you mom as well.

8. Spa theme. Purchase a pretty scarf, your mom would like and wrap it around a gift certificate for a manicure, or a pedicure, or the whole kit and caboodle at the spa, depending on your budge. Instead of a scarf you could put the gift certificate in a nice pair of fuzzy slippers or in the pocket of a pretty bathrobe or bathing suit cover up.

9. Tea theme. If you mom like tea, you can fill a new tea pot with specialty herbal teas, or loose leaf tea. Add some tea biscuits and snacks to go with tea.

10. Wine theme. Purchase a wine bucket or ice bucket and purchase some nice wine that your mom would like, along with cheese and crackers, and a unique wine stopper. (wine stopper is to replace the cork once the wine is open). Wrap it up in a nice tea towel, or beach towel.

Above are ten great Mothers day gift basket ideas, that should get your imagination going. You know your own mom better than anyone, and you should be able to come up with a theme of things she likes. Think of one main item and build on it from there. Try and come up with a "gift container" rather than a basket, and stuff it full of goodies.

If things are tight, and you still want to give mom something, you can find yourself a nice plant pot (you can get these from the reuse it center) and decorate it, and fill it with some homemade cookies, and gift certificates from you for jobs to do around the house. Such as washing the car, or raking the yard, or weeding, or painting the fence. Mom will appreciate these chores just as much as a gift. She will also know it came from your heart.

Make sure and book a date for these extra chores, as she may feel bad asking. By booking the date and writing it on the calendar, then it will truly feel like you gave a gift from your heart to your mom.