There are lots of nice things to do for Mother's Day, but many require actually being able to visit said mother. Some choose to move away from home while some mother's choose to fly the coop to somewhere nicer after all their kids leave, so that limits classic Mother's Day activities like making breakfast in bed or regifting Valentine's Day staples of flowers and chocolate from the store. However, a simple phone call saying "Happy Mother's Day" seems like it is never quite enough. Fret not, fearful children! There are more than a few different options to do just a little bit more this Mother's Day. Some are affordable, some are simple and some are just plain creative, but regardless all of them are sure to be appreciated.

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Send Flowers

This is a simple one that many who live away from their mothers already practice. While you are too far away to stop by a store or a flower shop and pick out a bouquet, you can always order it online from sites like ProFlowers or 1-800-Flowers. Those two sites have a variety of bouquets, in optional beautiful vases that you can send. These can also fit into any sort of budget as well, but the extra charges (vases, shipping, sending on a high volume day, ect) can rack up so be careful. They even have programs in which you can have fresh flowers sent to your mother once a month for three, six or twelve months if you want to go above and beyond. However, instead of just coping out with a big old bouquet of beautiful roses, try to get a little more creative. Instead of expensive roses, try remembering or finding out your mothers favorite flower and sending a bouquet of that instead. If it happens to be roses, then that works out swell.

You can also order from a local florist in the town where your mother lives, but is usually just as expensive as the big chain, save for one portion--the shipping. Just for example, ProFlowers charges $20 for shipping plus an extra $14 if you want them delivered on Mother's Day. That's just ridiculous, local flower shops may have an extra fee to deliver on Mother's Day, but they won't quite gouge you as much on the regular shipping. However, on occasion the local shops do stock some of the rarer flowers and can occasionally stock things like a potted rose bush so your mother can have flowers that grow.

Send a Day in the Life of Your Family

If you happen to have children, than your mother would probably like to see them. Alas, grandmothers love their grandchildren more than they love you, sadly. Since you can't pack up your family for a day visit, send one. If you have a video camera or, in these days, a phone with one go on and record a "day in the life" video of your family. Take your camera around, showing what your family is up to, have your kids say hi to grandma all cute, the way they do (unless they are teens) and just show what is going on in your life.

This is similar to a simple Mother's Day phone call but has a bit more impact since she actually gets to see everyone's faces. It is one of those things that your mom can watch over and over again when she is missing you and your kids.

Send a Scrapbook

If, for some reason, in this modern age you do not have a way to send video or if your mom is like my mom and has problems with technology then there is an alternate version for a "day in the life" video. Gather pictures of your family by either taking them with a camera or digging them up from moments your mother may have missed and make a scrapbook. This is something that you can put as much or as little effort as you want to in to; it really depends on how much you like scrapbooking. For more effect, put little speech bubbles or comments next to the pictures. If you don't have a good high quality printer for those digital pictures, you can take them to a print shop and get them made into hard copies there.

Once it is done, package it all up and send it over. Since the post isn't delivered on Sundays, your mother will probably get it before or after the big day in question, but the effect will still be the same. She'll love it and can browse it at her leisure.

Get Your Mom something She Wouldn't Get Herself

I don't know about your mom, but my mom likes a lot of things that she doesn't treat herself to because of the price. So why not treat Mother's Day like Christmas or a birthday? It can be something small like a bottle of her favorite perfume or something that she can use every day.

If you can't think of anything, I recommend a Kuerig, but only if your mom likes coffee or, at very least, tea. If your mom is still using that old drip coffee pot, she doesn't know what she is missing. No more stale coffee that has been sitting for hours in the morning and no more waiting for it to brew. There is nothing more luxurious that being able to get a cup of coffee in about a minute. If a Kuerig is a bit beyond your price range, pluck out a book your mom hasn't read yet, but is sure to love. This can be a bit of a task if you are not much of a reader, though.

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When in Doubt...

Go Visit Your Mom

Yes, this isn't for everyone. Most people are busy and can't just drop everything and go home for a visit. However, if you can't think of anything nice to do for Mother's Day this is probably the best gift, especially if you have not been home in awhile. Even if it isn't on actual Mother's Day, plan a visit soon. Give an even better gift by trying not to make yourself a burden. Do the cleaning, cook some meals and provide enjoyable company. It will be a nice and most welcomed visit.