Mother's Day Gifts(45681)Credit: Pam Roth

Looking for some Mother's Day ideas for the mom who might have everything or who says she doesn't want anything? Try something different this year and give her something that isn't a gift she will store away or hide. Make her proud and give her something she will appreciate. Give her something that shows this is more than just another holiday for you and her.

Mother's Day Ideas That Will Impress Your Mother

Pay one of her bills

This is one of those Mother's Day ideas she won't expect. Chances are that the mom you are shopping for has bills to pay.  Doesn’t everyone? Why not open your pocketbook and pay a bill instead of spending it on something that she will toss out or donated a year from now?  If you have plenty of funds, a mortgage payment would be great, but even if you don’t have the funds, maybe you can pay an electricity bill, a cable or phone bill or even just pick up the dry cleaning bill.

Make her dinner

Usually moms are the ones who slave over the hot stove cooking up something to feed us with. Why not turn things around and get her off her feet while you make breakfast or dinner for her? Better yet, be sure to do the grocery shopping ahead of time for the special holiday meal so that you’re not running around the day of the big feast and can spend the morning and evening enjoying your meal together. Be sure to not to leave the dishes for her to clean!

Take her to get a massage or get her nails/hair done

If the mom you are celebrating likes to pamper herself, take her to get that manicure or pedicure updated and hair done. Maybe she would like to relax and get a massage. Who wouldn’t like to be treated like a queen or a celebrity for a day without having to pay for it?

Spend some quality time together

Sometimes life just gets too busy and we forget that we should spend more time with family and friends. Moms enjoy spending time with their kids or grandkids that they haven’t seen in a while. Turn the TV off, and just hang out. I’m sure the quality time spent will make for a memorable night for future Mother’s Days to come. Maybe you can even come up with Mother's Day ideas together for the next time around.

Take care of her kids for a day

Some moms just want a break. Why not offer to babysit for a full day and let her relax or run errands or hang out with friends? She’ll appreciate the much-needed alone time and she’ll probably be very happy to see her kids when the day is over. That’s a bonus for everyone!

Write a handwritten letter

This is another of those Mother's Day ideas she won't expect. Sometimes we don’t thank our moms enough for all that they did and continue to do for us. Why not write her a letter thanking her by expressing your gratitude and love in your own handwriting? A text or an email or a store-bought card is not as personal as a handwritten letter. Show her how much she means to you by taking pen to paper and letting her know how much you appreciate her.

These are just a few Mother's Days ideas. Remember that whatever the gift you are giving be sure it is given with love. As long as love has touched the gift, she will appreciate the thought and enjoy her day to the fullest.