Origin Of Mother's Day

Mother's Day is a worldwide celebration that honors mothers for their contributions to their families. They are appreciated for raising their children and influence to society. This is a day when people can express to them how special they are and how much mothers are loved. It is a unique holiday, because it is observed on different days throughout the world. For example, in America, it is celebrated every year on the second sunday of May. In many Arab countries, it honors mothers on the first day of spring. The origins of this special day began in Greece during the 1600's. According to legend, the greeks celebrated a goddess named Rhea on this occasion. She was considered the mother of all gods. Festivals all over the country were held in her honor. As years passed, the holiday became more religious and churches worldwide celebrated it. Another name for mother's day is "Mothering Sunday." In about 1870, Boston poet Julia Ward Howe sponsored the first Mother's day in the United States. It encouraged love, peace, and togetherness among women. She did this for about 10 years before support for it declined.

20th Century Mother's Day

In 1908, Anna Jarvis revived the popularity of Mother's day. During the previous year, her mother had died and she had a celebration Grafton, West Virginia. She decided to launch a Mother's Day campaign in an effort to highlight the importance of mothers. Philadelphia businessman John Wanamaker was a huge supporter. They worked tirelessly to promote motherhood and gained the attention of United States President Woodrow Wilson. On May 8, 1914, he signed a Mother's Day Resolution make it a holiday. Since then, Americans have been honoring their mothers on this day.

21st Century Mother's Day

Today, it is one of the most celebrated holidays in America. Special church services are held nationwide and the Roman Catholic Church honors the Virgin Mary. Siblings honor them by giving them gifts and singing songs to them. Others take mothers out for a special dinner or read poems. Mother's day is also one of the most commercialized days of the year. Greeting card companies sell millions of cards and retailers experience a boost in sales.

Express how much you love your Mom on Mother's Day. Show and tell her how much she means to you. She is the only mother that you will ever have. Appreciate the sacrifices that have been made for you.  They nurture and love us. Our lives are molded by them and they are dedicated to us, regardless of our circumstances. Even if you do not have a dime in your pocket, you can tell your mother that you love her. Honor her every day and not just on this holiday. Happy Mother's Day!










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