Gift ideas for Moms who knit and crochet -

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 What to give to your mother or grandmother who enjoys knitting or crocheting for Mother's Day or birthday? There are some modern tools and some traditional ones.

Vogueknitting has just introduced the iPhone App for Knitting. If you have a very modern mother who has an iPhone, then this is a great organizer for her knitting or crochet projects, needles, hooks, patterns, etc. She will save money when shopping for yarn and needles. How? The Knitting iPhone App allows the knitter to catalog all the sizes of needles and hooks she has at home and types of yarn in her stash, so there are no duplications when shopping for that new pattern she wants to knit or crochet. Knitters often find that they have bought duplicate needles when shopping and needles are not returnable to yarn stores.

The Knitting iPhone also allows you to organize your pattern book library and store photos of your projects, or Works in Process, WIP's in knitting language. A great gift at $3.99 from Vogueknitting.

There are two more traditional gifts that assist knitters and crocheters when winding and minding yarn balls. One the writer discovered through a friend in the Netherlands. A beautiful ball minder made of lovely hardwood, turned very smoothly. The yarn ball is secured on the wooden disc turning gently on steel ball bearings. These ball minders, called Pirouettes, come in honey and maple woods and keep the ball secure. No more climbing under tables and chairs to find the wandering yarn balls for crocheters and knitters. They are $25.00 and you can find them online at The Dragonfly Yarn Shop.

Another traditional gift is the handmade ball winder, called a Nostepinne or Nosty, provided at LillianEveDesigns on Etsy. Beautifully handmade and turned very smoothly, then waxed so that there are no snags when winding skeins of yarn to begin your knitting or crochet project. Lillian Eve has these ball winders available in all different woods. This one shown here is in an exotic orange osage wood. They are available on Etsy for about $15-$17.00. Lillian Eve Designs also makes handmade crochet hooks and they are beautiful. Find her on Etsy.

  • Stitchmarkers are used for both knitting and crochet projects. There are many vendors on Etsy who sell them.
  • Project bags are always a great gift, you can find really cute ones at SlippedStitchStudios.
  • Or give Mothers Day knitters and crocheters a gift certificate to her favorite yarn shop.
  • A workshop or class she has been dying to take is another idea.

Shop at Cafepress Knitting for cute and quirky Mothers Day gifts from t-shirts to coffee mugs, knitting and crochet bags with catchy sayings. Great way to celebrate Mothers Day for knitters and crocheting Mothers everywhere.

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Celebrate Mothers Day with your knitting or crocheting mother, it's not the size or the cost that matters, it's always the thought. She will be touched by your thoughtfulness and personal touch for her knitting and crocheting efforts.