Mum’s Day is celebrated in Ireland. Although the date that the Irish celebrate Mother’s Day is different from the Mothers Day Holiday held in the United States there are many similarities. In many ways the modern mums Day celebration in Ireland and the Mothers Day Holiday in the US are celebrated virtually identically. In Ireland and Great Britain mum’s Day is called “Mothering Day”. Mothering Day is celebrated on the 4th Day of Lent. With the Irish version of mums Day the Holiday can fall anywhere between the first part of April to the first part of March. Although the modern tradition of Mothering Day is celebrated similarly to the American Holiday of Mothers Day, there is no direct connection. The day is meant to demonstrate our respect, bond and love of our mum; however, neither Mothering Day nor Mothers Day was originally based on each other.

The modern Holiday of muming day that is celebrated in Ireland and England is one that we are familiar with because it is based upon the commercialization and influence of the American Holiday of Mother’s Day. The many traditions and rites used that day are similar including giving gifts to our mums and grandmothers. The traditional version of muming Day is still celebrated by some. Traditionally Mothering Day was where young men and women were released from their work requirements of being an apprentice and allowed to return home to visit their parents. Many young kids were sent to work as servants and apprentices and on mum’s Day allowed them the chance to return home for a few days. It was often an exciting time for both the children and the parents. By the about the year 1935 the traditional Mothering Sunday was not celebrated very commonly anymore. It also gave people the chance to realize a little bit from the strict requirements of Lent.


During World War II the tradition of Mothering Day was renewed by the Irish and British who based their interested in the Holiday in a manner very similar to how the Holiday is celebrated in the United States. The American Soldiers helped to spread the American Holiday tradition of mums Day to the United Kingdom when they were intermingled with the British troops during World War II. Although Mothering Sunday and modern Mothers Day are different, they are often celebrated in tandem in the United Kingdom and Ireland.

mums Day in Ireland is now celebrated similar to the way it is done in the US. Kids will buy gifts for their mother, cook her dinner, and maybe even breakfast in bed. Mothers Day is truly a day designed for us to thank and pay respect to our mums.

The commercialization aspect of the Irish Mothers Day is very similar to the heavy commercialization that occurs with the American Holiday of Mothers Day. Ann Jarvis had helped for mums day to become an official celebration in the United States. 9 Years after Mothers Day became an official Holiday in the US Anna Jarvis became disgusted with the heavy commercialization of the holiday. The holiday of Mothers Day celebrations was never intended to become commercialized.

Anna Jarvis thought that people should handwrite letters to their mum instead of buying Mothers Day cards from the store. In 1948 Anna Jarvis was arrested when she was protesting the commercialization of Mothers Day. Ann Jarvis was disgusted by the commercialization aspect of mums day and though the day was being exploited by businesses to make more money.

If Ann Jarvis would travel to Ireland today then she would find everything that is happening in the United States regarding the commercialization of Mothers Day to also be occurring in Ireland.

In today’s World it is common in both Ireland and the US for people to buy greeting cards and gifts for their mothers and grandmums. Although this is common, you should be remembering the true spirit of Mothers Day. Mothers like receiving gifts but oftentimes a simple handmade gift combined with a home cooked dinner you serve to her is more than enough. All you mum needs to know is that you love her and respect her. This is true regardless of whether you are living in Ireland, the United States, or one of many other Countries that also celebrate Mothers Day in one form or another.