Are young men at home over the age of 25 functional

There is a very contentious argument on the relationships between
Fathers and Daughters and Mothers and Sons.The Love between and Father and
Daughter can never be compared to the relationship between Mothers and Sons.

There are a breed of Mothers who try to keep their sons at
Home for as long as physically possible and are breeding a man who will be off
Little or no use to himself or as a figure in family life.

There are more single men living at home than women possibly
down to their Mothers intervention or the fact that most sensible well adjusted
women will avoid at all cost the Men who are over 25 living at home with their mothers.

There will be an argument that these young men are saving up
for a deposit for their first home, this argument can be dismissed by the cars
that you will find on the drive.

These young men are all around the Country out until the
early hours of the Morning and then finally getting out of bed in the early
afternoon while complaining to their Mothers that Dad had kept them awake while
mowing the lawn other noisy jobs.

While this young man is still in his bed the daughters will
be up and about getting ready to enjoy their well earned weekend.

None of these ladies will wake up in the morning with one of
these men


These ladies will be looking for a man in the mould of their

As the Day moves on in the afternoon these men will be on
their play stations while Mum is fussing around bring up breakfast and sorting their
washing out which has been hung up on the floor.

Perhaps there is another motive for this new breed of men,
the facts are firmly stacked that most wives outlive their husbands or the husband
can no longer compete with their Son and have left the happy couple to live in
harmony with mum fussing over her 25 year old baby, the son now sits on the
family home waiting to be the last survivor and inherit the nest.

This breed of man thankfully is in the minority but they keep
in pacts and befriend each other the well adjusted man will be living on his
own or girl friend and avoid these mothers boys like the plague as to be
compared by association will be an insult.

Finally some Fatherly advice for any young Lady

“When out on an evening with your friends and any Man
approaches you and is over 24 somewhere bring into the conversation where do
you live, if he lives at home with Mum put as much distance between yourself
and him”.

Finally these men will look at couples when they are out and
be envious, stop looking at them and look at yourself and just ask yourself
what self respecting Father would encourage a relationship with a man like you,
unless...... They are Fathers who want their baby girl to stay at home and they
see you as safe and not husband material.

If finally these men and women do marry they will bring children into the world as modles of them self