Motion sickness can effect just about anyone and the nauseating feeling that comes with it can make a short Motion Sickness Seabands for Kidscar ride seem never ending. This is especially true for kids that many times are forced to sit in the back seat of a vehicle were a clear view of the front window is all but impossible and then if the windows are up and there is no fresh air you have a sure fire recipe for kinetosis better known as motion sickness. If you have a child that suffers from this gut wrenching sickness there are many ways to remedy the feeling including patches and medications. But no one wants to give their kids medication if it’s unnecessary and besides that there are normally side effects to drugs like Dramamine which can cause drowsiness even with the non-drowsy formula. One of the safest and easiest ways to help your child be comfortable when traveling is with the help of a motion sickness bracelet for kids.


How Does a Motion Sickness Bracelet for Kids Work?


            Of all motion sickness remedies people seem to be the most skeptical of motion sickness bracelets for the simple fact that they don’t understand how an elastic band can prevent you from becoming sick. Well the way these bracelets work is they are designed with a small plastic ball that is attached to the inside of the wrist band. This small ball is placed in a specific place on the wrist which applies pressure to an acupressure point in the called the Pericardium 6 and by doing so relieves the nausea and dizziness. Despite what you might think this is a very effective way of relieving and even preventing travel sickness almost completely. And if you still remain skeptical just buy a pair and try it out for less than ten dollars then if they happen not to work your out very little but if they do work then you your traveling just got better for everyone involved.


Where Can You Find Motion Sickness Bracelets for Kids?


            One of the most well known manufacturers of motion sickness bracelets or bands is the Sea-Band company. Their inexpensive bracelets come in two sizes one for adults and the other for children so if you are buying a pair for a young child be sure to get the children’s size. If you are getting a pair for a child that is their teens you may need to get the adult size. Just keep in mind the important part of wearing these anti sickness bracelets is that they are tight on the wrist if they are not tight they can not apply the correct pressure and will not work. Sea-bands can be purchased in many locations including online at, which also has many other motion sickness bracelets to choose from, or in retail stores like Walmart, Target, and most drug stores.

            Finding relief for a sick child can seem impossible especially when trapped in a car. Do your family a favor get a pair of motion sickness bracelets for each of your kids and keep it in your car this way you will always have them when they are needed.