A company that has motivated employees is a company that will have much success. Employees just want to know that they are appreciated.

We've all heard of the "Employee of the Month" program, where the employee gets a prime parking space and/or their picture on the wall for all to see. Well...it is time to change the "Employee of the Month" program.

The first thing you need to do to motivate your employees is to set goals for your company. The next is to let your employees help find ways to reach those goals. For some employees, this alone will be enough to motivate them. Most employees want to help make the company they work for be successful. Some, however, will need a little more motivation.

You could start with a "Free" prize. This could be anything from a free pass to a local amusement park, free dinner or even a free day off. If you ask most employees a free day off and/or more money will rank very high on their list of things that will motivate them.

Have a company picnic for your employee and their family. Make it relaxed and fun for all. Have races and games and give away prizes. To keep the cost down, let the picnic be a 'potluck' picnic. Let everyone bring something, again, so they will feel like they are a part of things.

Something as simple as buying pizza or donuts for your staff once a week or month and just relaxing. Use this time as a way to get to know your staff and steer away from conversations about work. The better you know your staff, the better you will know what types of motivational items they will like and/or appreciate the most.

Another simple idea is just to make sure you say "Thank you". These two little words can mean the world to an employee who has worked on a project for hours.

The main thing about motivating your employees is to make sure your timing is right and that the "prize" matches the task. Giving your employee a day off for showing up to work on time, doesn't match the task...but giving your employee a free day off for working hard on a report, that has taken them weeks to complete will go a long way with that employee. Also, make sure you don't wait too long to give the employee the recognition they deserve. If you wait 6 months to give that hard working employee a day off, then it won't mean as much...unless of course, you allow them to pick the day they want off and they choose to wait 6 months to take it.

You also want to make sure that the employee knows why they are getting the recognition. If you give them a day off out of the blue and they don't know what they have done to earn it, then they won't work so hard the next time to get that free day off. If they know what they have to do to get a day off, they will continue to work towards that goal.

Motivating your employees is easy and if you motivate your employees, you might just find that your business runs smoother and is more profitable for everyone involved.