What I'm going to tell you is an old story, the question is do you practice it?

The key thing in when we ask others to do things, is "would we do it our self?". If the answer is yes, I would ask "how do you motivate yourself first?" It is hard to convince your staff to motivate themselves if you yourself cannot motivate yourself -on a daily basis.

Everyday we can have the same amount of work, the same trip to the office, and the same colleague
but what really makes a difference is the way you see things; the people that work for you. If you realize these people are there, working for you, you become grateful.

Just imagine for a moment, if suddenly tomorrow, the people that are normally there for you disappear, how would you feel? Would you feel uneasy? Possibly more uncomfortable? Would you feel like something is missing in your life?

We are all connected somehow, we just do not realize it due to our busyness. If we take a moment, take a deep breath, you will start to realize the connection between each of the people you connect with daily.
Everyone in your life is important. Everyone, no exception.

To motivate your staff, the easiest way could be simply start appreciating them. When your staff starts feeling the positive vibes from you on a regular basis, the positive vibe will be noted in their work.