Motivating Individuals and Teams

Salesmen and Sportsmen

Salesmen and sportsmen are very similar when it comes to motivation,

Both are on a complete high when the going is good but in difficult times the lows can vary and the need to put them into different brackets is essential.

First it is important to recognise the differences beforeyou can even begin to address the situation.

This will be a series of articles on motivation brokendown into how different personalities respond.



This person will face their own problems as well as team
problems and will actively see the need to either improve or address the
situation, the importance here will to have a professional approach and talk
through the problem and break down what needs to be done and how.

This person will respond as long as your approach matches their high standards.

If the problem is solely personal the importance here is to sit down privately and discuss how they see the problem and between both of you how you plan to approach and rectify.

Once the problem has been established you must then set out a strategy and thoroughly explain how it will be implemented.

If the problem revolves around team performance this can be more difficult to address as this person can on occasions not appreciate that not everyone has their high standards.

The professional or perfectionist can find it impossible
to understand how everyone does not have the same approach as them self.

The method here is to isolate the person from the problem and explain how different team members react and perform and not all have the same ability but they are equally important to the team.

Once you have discussed, the importance will be seeing it through to a conclusion,

There can be occasions when you have to be very strong as they generally have very strong personalities and will try to bulldoze the thoughts through and may not have the best interest of the team in mind.

Other members of the team will be aware of this situation and will respond in a negative way should the fill that special treatment is shown.

This individual can be used to set examples as normallythey will be looked up to by team members.

The Salesman and the Sportsman are very similar due to their competitive nature and the methods of motivation can cross over.


Next will be the Motivating the person who lacks Confidence