Motivation through goals

Motivation comes from understanding goals of your employees and making sure that they achieve them.  Motivating your team, needs to be set into a goal with a way to measure the results.  This will be your goal for your team.  An example of this could be a 10% sales increase.  While you do this it is extremely important to realize an employee’s overall happiness level in life will carry over to the workplace.  This will allow you to help your employee/sales staff to realize their personal goals. 

The first way to motivate your staff is to understand why they joined your sales staff to begin with.  Some join to receive a discount on the stuff they sell.  Some may want a job that gets them out of their house or away from the office.  Others are just attracted to the income earning potential.  Understanding this will help you understand what you need to do to motivate them. 

On average 15% of your sales staff will be self-motivated whether your ignore them, or encourage them.  They will be determined to produce results.  However most of your staff will need some kind of motivation to help them reach their goal. 

The basic definition of motivation is discovering what each employee’s goals are and then helping them achieve those goals.  Personal goals can be to buy a new car, pay off some bills, take a vacation or just have a day off.  Some professional goals include being the top salesman, receiving a promotion, or having some decision making power.  One way to motivate a team member is to ask them why they joined your organization.  You can then build on that using your organization. 

If your team is motivated by more money, then you need to create a bonus system that allows your employees to reach their goals which will help you achieve your goals.  To help them reach those bonuses you need to help them think about what they would do with that extra money.  Save for the kids' education? Buy a new car? Would they pay off some bills? Take a vacation?  An example of this would be to build a sales thermometer to help an employee visualize their own personal monetary goal. 

Getting your team to visualize a goal will allow you to be well on your way motivating them to work harder and smarter.  Another way to encourage your staff to reach their goals is to have them down. Remind your team that if they don't know where they're going, they will never know when they arrive!

It is important to have monthly meetings to encourage the current goals and to create new goals.  These goals need to precise, timely, and reasonable.  In these meetings your staff should each state their main current goal and congratulate those who have achieved a goal.  Those employees should write down their current goal and post it in a noticeable spot in their home and office.  If a goal is too personal for the employee to display publicly than they should have an even bigger reminder somewhere private that they will see daily.  Your employees are much more likely to achieve a goal when they see what they're aiming for on a daily basis.

Professional goals are something that should be encouraged along with personal goals.  Contests are another great way to motivate your employees. Offer a prize to the member who holds the greatest number of shows, has the most sales, or recruits the most new consultants. Whatever the goal is, encourage your sales staff to work on the contest constantly and send them updates of their progress. These progress updates are a great way for you to track your teams progress as well your own goal of greater profits. 

The prize should be in line with that person’s personal goals but should be limited to a monetary value to make it fair to the employees.  An example could be a to pay off an employees bill, help their kid through school or even just cash prize.  If possible base the gift on the contest like a percentage of the profits.  The gift isn't nearly as important as the contest itself, but again, it will serve as motivation.

Keeping your staff excited about the company, the products, and being a part of your company will go a long way in helping to motivating your team to achieve your goal.  Look for ways to do that every week, and your success potential will soar!