Motivation is something that drives us from the inside, it comes from the heart and mind at the same time, but mainly it is an emotion that drive us to strive for our goals and to achieve our dreams, it is what drive us to be better people, it is what keep us all moving forward.
People who make new discoveries for the human race everyday are motivated people, and every success we see in all aspects of life is coming from motivation, from people who are motivated to make life better for themselves and for others.
There are different types of motivation, Self Motivation, which comes from inside the person himself, and outside motivation that comes from outside.
Some motivation examples are the need for approval, for power and status, for money, for better health, or for independence, the list is endless depending on the individual needs.

Self motivation is the best motivation that you can have, it is a feeling that comes from inside, a feeling that you want to be a better person, to reach certain goals, achieve dreams, and seek out new experiences. It gives you courage and confidence, and it is best because you know what you want, what you can do, and you know your limitations, unlike outside motivation where sometimes you're under high expectations from others and that puts a lot of pressure on you.

Outside motivation can come from different areas in your life, it could be your religion, your loved ones, your work, your friends, or your family. You could be motivated to get money, protection, or a certain relationships.

Unconscious motivation is the hidden and unknown reasons for many of the things that people do. It is a motivation type that's mostly neglected because people do not acknowledge it unless they face problems or things get out of hand. In such cases it has to be faced and given attention to steer it towards the right direction.

Why Motivation is important?
It is important because it is the driving force behind every achievement in our lives. When we're motivated enough towards a hard task, however difficult it seems to start or to go on, the feeling of motivation will help us, as it will do to push us through difficult times or facing challenges, it provides a sense of purpose in life that encourages us to set goals and to go after it with all our energy, and then some.
Motivation is important for achieving success in work, family relations, and personal life, it helps us to find the direction we need and follow it. If you're in a situation or a phase in your life that you do not like, motivation is the only way for you to get out of it.

Motivation and Self Esteem
It is very important for your self esteem to be motivated, because with the right motivation you'll be able to achieve success and have confidence in your abilities, which will raise your self esteem and make you proud of yourself.