Motivation - How do you stay motivated? To write, lose weight, to try something new? Especially when well meaning people around you do not seem to be that supportive.

You know that feeling. You announce that you are going to try and lose weight, and you get that look.. They say "that is great" and remind you of the last few times you tried to lose weight and failed. They are well meaning, but it can be hard to even get started without some support. But you can. If this is something you really want to do.

Although they are well meaning, and say they are in your corner when it comes to the challenge, you just get that feeling that at the end of the day, you are on your own right?

Well, no matter what the challenge is, you can have motivation. It is nice to have friends and family helping every step of the way, but in reality, you have to depend on yourself to complete the challenge.

Start by taking baby steps. If this is a challenge you have tried before and did not get too far, then you have to attempt it in a different way this time. Whether you are looking to lose weight, get fit, go back to school, or start a internet business, whatever your challenge is, it would be nice to have everyone patting you on the back and saying "way to go" but you need to find motivation in yourself to keep up the challenge.

Start by breaking your challenge into bite sized pieces. Instead of leaping in full time, and risk failure, plan more carefully. If you are trying to lose weight, for example, you can start by keeping a journal, and see when you eat, or exercise, and then look back at your journal, and come up with a plan, allow some time for the planning stage. Take little steps, that you know you will accomplish and succeed at, and that way you will feel good about yourself.

Don't just leap in to your challenge, without some research and a plan. There is too much that can go wrong, and then you lose that motivation to keep going.

If you are wanting to start a internet business, for example, you could do some research, take the time to find out if you like to write, for example. How you can make money, will you need start up money, how many articles should you write. Keep your day job, and work on your business after hours. Don't put the huge pressure on yourself, of making instant money. Tell your family, you need to spend some time on your business, and block out a set time in the evening, and do it. Don't obsess, just stick to your schedule you have come up with.

Take time with your challenge. Keep a journal and make adjustments as you go. The more baby steps you make and succeed at, the better you will feel about yourself, and the more motivation you will have to continue. You need to feed that good feeling inside, as you succeed at each step.

Think of the finished product, when you feel yourself giving up. If you are wanting to go back to school for example, and need the money. Find a second job, do some extra hours at work. Sit down and work out a plan, and how much you need. Show everyone that you mean it, when you say you will save up for school. As you continue with your challenge and people around you see that you are working hard at it, then you are likely to pick up some support along the way!

But it is you, by yourself in the beginning. Keep up the hard work, and it will be noticed. This is especially true, if you tend to come up with a challenge and obsess over it, drive everyone crazy, and then give it up.

You need to do this challenge for yourself and gradually, and it can be hard to find the motivation in the beginning. But if you can take just one step at a time, and think about the finished product, you will find the energy and drive to keep going.

By taking baby steps, and giving yourself a pat on the back at each step that goes well, you will slowly build up your confidence and feel great when you cross that finish line.

Think of the turtle and the hare. Take your time, and you will cross the finish line a winner.

Whether it is a internet business, writing articles, losing weight, getting fit and running a marathon. These are all great goals, but they do take work and dedication to achieve them. They won't happen overnight. That can be the problem, we expect instant results.

Create a schedule each day, that incorporates at least one step of your challenge. If you want to write articles, then write down your goal of "two articles a day" for example, and stick to it. Or if you want to get fit, then "I will walk around the block at lunchtime every day at work" and stick to it. Add an extra article a week, or add an extra block of walking per week. Start to challenge yourself to do more.

By writing down your challenge and taking daily steps towards it, you have a good chance of succeeding. A recipe for failure, would be to say "today I will stay up and write 25 articles" you know it won't happen, you will give up. But if you say, I would like to achieve something this month. I would like to write sixty articles by the end of the month. Then break it down, and write two articles per day. There will only be gentle pressure to get this done, a bit of a challenge never hurt anyone, and you will feel good for accomplishing it.

You have to take a look at your present lifestyle as well. You need to see where and how you can adjust your lifestyle to accommodate your new challenge. If you don't take these steps, then it is a recipe for failure. You need to work this into your lifestyle. By making realistic goals, such as the "two articles per day", or "cutting back slowly on calories" or "running around one block"... whatever your challenge. You will stay on track, and motivation will be your new friend.

Just imagine how it will be to see "sixty articles" at the end of the month, or "a few pounds down" at the end of the month, or "running more than the block"... gradually you will get better and want to challenge yourself. But once you have got started and start to see some success, then you will glow from it, and people around you will notice!