They key to any successful fitness plan is motivation. Being able to keep up with your plan and stick to it day in and day out is what will ultimately define your results. Consistency is the key, though at times, this can be a difficult task. Over the years I have helped thousands of people get healthy for fitness, weight loss or beauty purposes and I have found that everybody has their own unique way of staying motivated. So I have decided to compile a list of all of the top motivational habits used by my most successful clients that you can try to help ensure everlasting motivation and positive results!

Reward yourself: Positive reinforcement can be a very positive effect. It is always nice to acknowledge your hard work so treat yourself to something sinfully delicious at the end of the week for your good behaviour.

Find yourself a workout partner: Having someone there to support you in your journey is always helpful. We all have out bad days but the odds of two people having a bad day on the same day is rare so feed off of each others energy and push each other to do more.

Only weigh yourself once a week: It is natural for the body to fluctuate in weight from day to day and this can be discouraging at times. Generally, if you are following your fitness plan religiously, you should notice a significant difference at the end of each week. This will seem more rewarding and save a lot of stress.

Do an exercise class: The energy in the music and the instructor alone should be motivating enough. Combine that with a room full of people that are just like you and you have the perfect recipe for a great workout!

Plan an upcoming day at the beach: Having an event or purpose to look your best is always a great motivator. If you plan a swim date or vacation every so often it should help to keep you on your toes and focussed on your fitness plan at all times.

Load up your ipod: Having your favourite music handy is a great way to help pass the time by. If you can get lost in the music it should help those minutes just fly by on the cardio machines.

Keep an old pair of pants around that don't fit anymore: This is a common favourite motivational tactic and one that I also use frequently. Fitting into old clothes is always rewarding, so get yourself a pair of nice jeans in a size that you would like to wear. Try them on every so often and see how they are fitting. The better you stick to your fitness program, the better they will fit!