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It's the last repetition for your barbell squats...or at least that's what was planned out for the workout that your were given.Your heart is racing, and your eyes being burned by what feels like acid coming down your forehead. If you could just take a minute to catch your breath and drink some water or at least wipe the sweat off your eyes that's been burning for what feels like a long time.

It's been only a few seconds but yet it feels like the most painful and brutal few seconds of your life.

You start hearing voices, your ear buds are starting to slip out of your ears but the music is barely audible anyway. It's Arnold Schwarzenegger and in his austrian voice, he reminds you to stop playing around as if you were just getting started.

A thousand thoughts has gone through your mind by now and you're not letting a few repetitions go to waste. Your energy feels depleted, the knees are shaking, yet you know there's more in you. You take advantage of my racing mind and remind yourself that you will get what I want if you complete this set to failure.

Your adrenaline is at an all time high, you use it to your benefit. You imagine that if you don't squat one more repetition, your girlfriend will be squashed by this heavily weighted barbell...but then you would be happy being single and free.

You then remember its your life that's at stake and it could be someone else that's stuck here with you. I successfully push the weight back up, by now your legs are ready like jelly, and your hands could barely hold the barbell on your back.

This is what is getting you the results, the motivation to push further than ever before. 

If your workouts were the same and the level of difficulty wasn't outside the comfort zone, then your results would be much slower

This leads to the question what fo we want and why. It's the question you need to find the answer to yourself so you can have the greatest results and become the best you can be...



“People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing – that’s why we recommend it daily” — Zig Ziglar

If you need motivation to start your journey to better fitness and health, then first you must understand what motivation is. It's simply the want or the energy that gets you moving towards what you are willing to do. In this case, it's fitness and you literally need to get moving if you want to see true results.

There are many reasons why people choose to be fit and healthy. One obvious one is to live longer and stronger. Why would you want to live in a weak, fragile body that could be easily injured or become ill?

Your immune system and your body becomes stronger and at it's best if you are healthy and strong.

Consider fitness like pure insurance; it's very reliable and dependable. Yet, you don't need to invest a lot to build the basic strength and healthy immunity of a body. In fact you don't need to waste a single penny on fitness.

You have your bodyweight to work with and you have many options if you live in the city or in the wilderness/country. Head to the playground, hopefully there's no kids so you don't seem to suspicious. Be creative, mother nature and man-made structures are out there for your use.



Seriously what if you were being chased by a zombie? Would you get your car keys and while the zombie drinks some coffee?


Everyone knows zombies don't exist(or do they?), but if we had to chase someone to save someone we love, would we be able to do it or would we have to count on someone else to do it? Situations like these are very rare and even if they do occur, authorities should be doing the chasing but if we really need to do depend on our legs we should be able to.

Our bodies are sophisticated machines, if they can't ever be half of what they could be, then what's the point in having them? I always ask people why not take advantage of our machine like body and prepare for the worst.

All kinds of situations can happen in our lives and might have even happened to some of us where we could have been faster, stronger, or bigger to conquer the situation.


Today we have much more choices for genres and songs that we can all find something that we can listen to that gets us pumped and motivated.

Ever seen Rocky Balboa? Don't know where you've been if you haven't heard of it but if you are familiar with the movie then you'll know the theme song inside and out.I dont know about you, but I felt like running to the top of the world with my hands up like I'm celebrating victory. Find your genre and see what gets your excitement going.


Role Model


If you've read my articles you'll notice I talk about Arnie a lot, there's a good reason for that. When he was younger, well much younger, he had the physique that I could only dream of having. Being a very skinny and lightweight kid, standing at 132 lb's I thought I had little hope.

When I learned more about Arnold's bodybuilding career, I found that he had used steroids, this wasn't shocking but I wasn't going to start using them to become like him. He was inspiring to me because he has the same body type as me, he is also small boned and if you try to wrap your hands around his wrist, you can completely wrap it all around his wrist.

I realized it had to be hard work. One would have to pull out as much energy as he or she could to become even half of Arnold. Whenever I look at his physique, I keep a clear picture of it so I could imagine it being my very own body. Small waist and big arms is what I would love to have.


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No matter what your goal is in life, whether its fitness or becoming president of the world, you can always find motivation to help you move faster and stronger towards your goals. You can find the fire within you, just keep digging and never give up!

If you have your motivation already and you wish to share your techniques to others, then please share it in the comments and you may inspire a person or two to start living healthy and strong.


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