How To Write Online Motivation For Writers

Many writers don't see writing online worth that much effort. It is true that you can't make very much money in the beginning with your web writing. The process of gaining passive income from your work is a painful slow process that often only yields a few pennies or less over the course of a day or even a week. Over several weeks and months however, if you keep at it the gains can steadily grow until you are in fact making dollars and not pennies each day. Most writers give up after ten to fifity or so articles and never write anything else for online content sites. The results start to come after you have several hundred or even a thousand articles online. While some writers do make money with less it is a volume of high-quality articles that will bring you in revenue even if you are not that great with SEO concepts. The whole key is to create content that your readers will find useful. Here are some ways you can stay motivated as a web writer .

Setting Goals

It's very important as a web content writer to set yourself some clear goals. Your first goal is to try and write at least one content piece per day. This can be as simple as a blog post or a full length article on a content site such as InfoBarrel. The more writing you produce the better your chances at gaining some income from it. Never give up after you produce a few articles since you just don't have enough exposure online to make any sort of revenue from that small body of work. Now imagine producing just three articles between 500-1000 words each and every day for one full year. At the end of that year you would have an amazing 1095 articles online. It's quite easy to produce three articles per day if you set your mind to it and actually sit down and write besides talking about it. Your first goal is to produce between one to three articles per day and more if you can manage it.

Finding The Time For Article Writing

Most people work some type of job during the day so finding time to write can be difficult. If you are serious about your article writing and want to make a living at it you need to budget your time to fit in the work. Get up early before work and write one article or write some during your lunch break. Think of article ideas while you're stuck in traffic and write down your ideas, just don't write while driving! After work try to find time where you can sit down for an hour or so and do some writing. One way to do this is elimiate the "time-wasters" in your life. Turn off your cellphone or other gadget before you sit down to work. Work away from the television and video game systems. Close the door to your room or office and just start writing until your work is done. There is no other way to do it you can't make any money unless you write as much as possible. When you put the time and effort into your article writing you'll see the results.

Make Article Lists

As you come up with article ideas put them down into an article list you can draw from when you have time to write. As you finish a title remove it from the list or mark it as done. With each article try to think of some other ways to explain the same thing. So you write the same thing but express it with a different slant. When you use a slant you can freshen up a topic and create additional articles based upon that idea. For example,  "Travel Desinations," could become "Travel Desintations for Seniors," or "Travel Desinations in Europe You Must See." This takes one topic and branches it off into several new ones. Try this for any of your older articles and expand your article base. 

How To Write Online: Dealing With Frustration

As you write you may become frustrated if you don't see any concrete results. You must keep writing and try for up to ten articles per day even if you aren't making any money.  Keep up the content until you have at least 150 articles between 500-1000 words online and then see where you are. You should at least have a few dollars from your work if not more. Read forums, learn about SEO techniques and try to improve each article that you have in your collection. Make sure you are writing to topics that will interest a broad range of people since you want them reading your topics and not skipping to the next page.  You will begin to earn after you have enough content, provided it is of high quality.