How To Find The Desire Within You

You have decided that today is the day.  You HAVE to carry out the task that you've been telling yourself over and over you will get done.  You've said, "I'll start next week."  Then you said, "I'll start tomorrow."  Now, it has been days, weeks even months later and you still haven't started. Yet, with every fiber of your being, you want to do it.  Then, that negative voice starts creeping around in your head.  "If you really wanted to do it, you would have done it already."  Silence that voice!  We all have that voice in our heads.  Some people have learned to completely shut out that voice.  That is what we need to do as well.

Well, I believe you.  I know you want to do this.  I know that as much as you want to try, something keeps holding you back and you probably don't even know what it is.  I don't know exactly what it is, either.  But, I know how to combat it.  I know what to do to fight back with any fight that you have in you.  And the more you fight, the stronger you will get.  You will gain strength until you are not even fighting anymore.  You will finally be living, achieving and succeeding.

How is it I could know this?  I deal with it myself.  The desire to want so badly to do something.  Even armed with the knowledge and the support, it still feels almost impossible.  I finally realized that if I looked back to my Army days, I would have the answer.  I spent four years in the US Army.  People who knew me then said I couldn't do it.  I proved them all wrong.  I was not athletic in school and never thought about the military in school.  So, how did I do something so difficult?  The Army taught me how.  The Army taught me to never say no, to never give up and to just get it done.  I am going to share with you a few things that I learned that can help you just like it helped me.

If Someone Has Done It, I Can Do It

Nobody said that accomplishing everything is easy.  But, if something has ever been done before, that means it is not impossible.  If it's not impossible, that means you can do it.  I do things all the time that people thought I couldn't do.  People want to know how.  I tell them, "I just did it."  You decide you're going to do it, you make your game plan to do it and you get it done.  Running was hard for me in the Army. I learned to not look at the finish line.  I looked at the next street light, the next corner, the next tree.  When I got to that one, I just looked for the next one until eventually, I reached the finish line without realizing it.  Decide you're going to do it and just get it done.

Decide You Have No Choice

Along the lines of what I said above, just decide to do it because you have no choice.  If you have no choice, then there is no option to quit.  If there's no option to quit, then there's no other choice but to succeed.  When I was in basic training, there were times when I didn't think I could do it.  But, I couldn't go home.  I couldn't quit.  I had no choice but to keep going. And, if you keep going, you have to get there eventually.

Put One Foot In Front Of The Other

In running, if you move your feet, your body has to follow.  It is the same with any plan you make.  If you break it down into steps, just complete one step at a time.  Move one foot. A step at a time.  This is how you will eventually reach your goal.

Let The Negative Voices Go

Whether the voices are in your head or they exist in the mouths of your family or friends, let them go.  Are these voices doing what you're trying to do?  I'm sure the answer is no.  Why let someone who isn't doing it tell you that you can't do it?  I promise you if you reach out to people who has made it to where you want to go, you will find encouragement. Truly successful people will want to help others.  If they don't, they're part of the negativity.  Let the negativity go.  Create a list of reasons why you can make it to your goal.  Carry it with you or choose one reason each day.  Every time a negative voice or thought comes across telling you why you can't make it, you repeat your reason for the day until you've silenced that voice or thought.

Be Your Own Best Friend

Would you treat your best friend the way you treat yourself?  Would you say the things to your best friend that you say to yourself?  No, I would hope not.  My guess is that you would encourage them.  Every day, encourage yourself.  Encourage yourself as if you were your best friend.  Just don't let anyone catch you talking to yourself!

If you follow these techniques, you will be successful in all of your endeavors.  Will it be easy? No.  You will have to reread this and remind yourself of the techniques on a daily basis until it becomes second nature.  You will forget sometimes.  But, eventually, it can become a habit if you work at it enough.  It works for me. I know it can work for you, too.  I look forward to hear about you reaching all of your goals!