Most of us do not go to work happily, even though we know that we are lucky to keep a job.

You may work continuously at a seemingly dead end job. You may find that motivation in the workplace is almost non-existent, especially in an economic crisis.

When your colleagues are laid off, you get double or triple the workload at less pay. The fear of losing the job and the stress from coping with triple workload is killing your motivation in the workplace.

That is why you hate your work.

If you are holding this attitude for work, you may find that losing your job becomes a reality.

How do you keep up your motivation in the workplace?

There are a few things you can do to increase job satisfaction.

1. Challenge yourself

You can challenge yourself to do the work better and faster. You can try setting a timer so that you can challenge yourself to complete it in half the time.

You can set a reward for yourself for completing a very challenging and stressful task.

Once the motivation in the workplace comes from within, you will find that the job satisfaction is from work itself. You will immune yourself from the negativity in the workplace.

2. Know your best timing

Everyone is different. Some people are the morning persons. Some people do not come alive until the late afternoon or early evening.

You should know the best time for handling mentally challenging work.

If you are a morning person, you should spend the morning doing the most demanding task. Once you complete the task, the rest of the day is not so bad.

3. Money

Money is a motivator for all working adults.

If your boss stops to pay salary, no one will work anymore. That is why you can think of money as a motivator.

You can split the monthly or weekly pay into daily and hourly rate.

For example, your weekly pay is $500. That means you earn $100 per day. If you work 10 hours a day, you can think of every hour of work as $10.

When you look at the clock, you can think of the money you have earned. Instead of counting down to the end of the day, you can count in term of the wages.

4. Tasks that you love

You do not hate every single task in your work. It is likely that you love to do certain tasks, and hate other tasks.

You can negotiate with your colleagues to exchange certain tasks. If you hate to do spreadsheets, you can exchange the tasks with other colleagues who love to play with spreadsheets.

In this case, both of you get to do tasks that you love. This will make work more enjoyable.

When you have more tasks that you love than hate, you will find that motivation in the workplace comes naturally.

It is important to find motivation in the workplace. The fact is that you spend more than a third of the day in the office.

You need to work in order to survive. If you work hard and work with joy, chances of job satisfaction and career advancement are high.