Ready to go to the next level?  Whatever it is, whether it be obtaining a promotion at work, getting healthy, starting a business, or doing a home project, you will definitely have to be motivated to do it.  

If it weren't for motivation, I would be sleeping in until 2 pm every day, not showering, powering on my Xbox and playing video games until 4 am.  Thank goodness, I only do this once in a while.  


Why don't I want to be a full-time bum?  Because I want to fulfill a deep-seated desire to provide for my family and myself.  That means I have to make money and bring home the cheddar.  I have to work at and maintain a healthy, loving relationship with my wife.  I have to be the best dad I can possibly be for my daughter. 

Love, appreciation, fear, and respect are natural, innate feelings that drive us to constantly better ourselves.  Familiar to us all, these feelings are strong.  They power the motivation to wake up when we don't want to.  They make us brush our teeth every morning so we can manage impressions with other people.  They make us grapple with our deepest fears so we can remain together as a family.  Motivation is at the heart of why we do what we do.

So why, then, do we get loaded up on motivation to start projects only to find ourselves losing steam prior to the completion of the project?  You know what I'm talking about: that deck that still needs to be finished, or that report that was due yesterday, or that New Years resolution that you still haven't followed through on. 

The answer is a lack of discipline.

disciplineWhen likened to a car, motivation is like the ignition.  The pistons (the part of the engine that makes the vehicle go) are the discipline.  Motivation is required to turn the engine on, but without the pistons pumping, you're going nowhere.  Pistons are objective.  Devoid of emotion, they are the workhorses that make the car function.  Without them, the car sits motionless regardless of the driver's intent.

Discipline has the power to keep going beyond motivation.  Discipline doesn't care how hard the road in front of you may be because discipline establishes habits.  Established habits are executed without thought or emotion.  Multiple pitfalls await when tackling any project and motivation can fizzle quickly when faced with opposition.  With strong discipline, however, even the toughest of emotional storms can be weathered.  


Motivation will get you started, but discipline will keep you going.  Executing a plan following a disciplined blueprint is absolutely crucial to real success.  Motivation starts a project.  Discipline sees it through to completion.