I'm sure you have seen those motivational posters hanging on the walls at your work. Many managers will have several of them that have different quotes and some sort of inspirational picture. Many companies will place them in the break room or along the hallways. Do these things really work? What's the point of having these posters? A lot of people see them as being completely cheesy. What can some picture of some person reaching down to help pull someone up onto a mountain top with the words "Teamwork" do for you? Well, plenty, if you actually use it correctly.

Although seeing a poster, reading the motivational quote, thinking about the meaning, and then going on with your day as if nothing happened is okay, if you really want to have these posters work for you, then you must first have a goal or a dream. Sure, some people probably have these posters up in their office just because all of the other successful people do it but for many people, the motivational poster can serve as a reminder of why they are working so hard.

Whether you like your job or not, there will be days where you won't really feel like doing the work. There will be moments where you might ask yourself why you're even doing what you are doing. In those moments, just one glance at a particular poster can be enough to put you back into the right mindset and get back to work. In order to have this happen, you will first need to associate some sort of meaning to your chosen poster and saying that goes along with it. Both the picture and the quote needs to stir something inside of you. It needs to cause you to at least think about why you are working so hard every day. It could be a picture and quote that represents freedom to you. It can be a picture of the beach that represents your next vacation. It can be a custom poster where you have a picture of your kids with the saying, "Do it for them."

The point is that if you associate a meaning to the motivational poster, it can act like an emotional trigger that will put you into the right mindset. Of course, for this to happen, you will want to know what it is you want in life. Why are you working so hard? What is this all for? If you are working merely to get a paycheck to pay the lousy bills, then you need to take some time and figure out not only what you really want out of life but how you are going to get it. Perhaps you are already doing what you need to be doing to achieve your goals. If that's the case, then motivational posters can serve as a tool to help you stay on track whenever you start to get off track or feel like throwing in the towel. You can associate strong feelings simply by imagining your goals and feeling how it would feel to have already achieved it. While you are doing this, stare at your poster. Eventually, the poster will cause you to feel those positive feelings. You can find tons of motivational posters online.