The Motobecane Outcast 29er Mountain bike has been criticized by many riders, but most of it is without merit. Some of the complaints include the weight of the Motobecane Outcast 29er Mountain bike. Yes the Motobecane Outcast 29er Mountain bike is heavier than many similar bicycles by other manufacturers, but considering the cost of this mountain bike it is a great deal.

The Motobecane Outcast 29er Mountain Bike

This is a great mountain bike for many first time riders of 29ers. You cannot get a better deal at your local bike shop. The price of this bike is $499.95, and you will also not have to pay any taxes when you order this bike from

Spec Components for the Motobecane Outcast 29er

Motobecane Outcast is a single-speed mountain bike. The singles speed is for purists or those who like simplicity with their design. If you want an inexpensive 29er than you can always add a 9 speed derailleur later. The Motobecane Outcast 29er is designed to be fitted for gears if you decide to upgrade from the stock single-speed.

If you are a bike commuter you will love riding this bicycle to work and back each day, as long as you do not any steep hills. The single speed gearing is fine for most riders, as long as you do not have to hit any hills. If you want a way to get in shape and drastically increase your endurance and leg muscles then you can ride this single-speed 29er anywhere.

Motobecane Outcast 29er Fork

The front suspension consists of a Rockshox Dart 3 fork. The Rockshox Dart 3 will give you up to 100 mm of travel, as well as a lockout feature. The Rockshox Dart 3 fork is not top of the line, but will work for many riders. If you were to buy a Rockshox Dart 3 fork it would cost you between $100-$200. Many people that have purchased a Motobecane Outcast 29er have sold their Rockshox Dart 3 fork on EBay and then had a rigid fork installed. The Rockshox Dart 3 is not top of the line, but is a dang good fork to come with a $500 29er mountain bike.

Other Components of the Motobecane Outcast 29er

Any review of the Outcast 29er will often come down to people complaining about the size of the chaining. The chain ring size is not wrong; it simply may not be the favored choice of the reviewer. BikesDirect fixed this problem by having a 42 tooth chain ring installed on the bicycle but also shipping free of a charge an additional chain ring of 33 t. This allows for the two most popular sizes to easily be interchanged if you refer one size over the other.

For the price the Motobecane Outcast 29 Mountain Bike has a nice set of components. You will not find anywhere near this quality of bike or components at Wal-Mart. Do yourself a favor and buy a bike from either your local bike shop or BikesDirect.

Single Speed Mountain Bike?

Yes the Outcast 29er is a mountain bike with only 1 gear. Many riders do take their single-speed mountain bike into the hills, but more people simply ride around town. The Motobecane Outcast 29er is like a huge 4 wheel drive truck, with only one gear. If you have to have gears for your riding conditions or your physical condition then you will not want to buy the Motobecane Outcast 29er. If you decide to buy the Motobecane Outcast 29er because it is a cheap value for what you receive, keep in mind that you can always upgrade this bike to 9 speeds. The rear cassette is the main component you need to purchase to set up for 9 speeds. If you get the idea of a single-speed 29er mountain bike then you will understand the love that many riders have for this particular mountain bike. If you think a single-speed mountain bike is an oxymoron than you probably are not going to buy this bike unless you have plans of upgrading the bike to run 9 gears. You can also flip-flop the cog to make the Outcast 29er into a fixie.

Motobecane Outcast 29 Mountain Bike Review

The Motobecane Outcast 29 Mountain is a very fun bike to ride around, as long as you do not have to ride up any steep or prolonged hills. The weight of this bike tends to be heavier than similarly specced 29ers, yet the Outcast 29 makes up for this with the low price. If you want to have gears and are not great at properly tuning bikes than you may want to consider purchasing a 2011 Gary Fisher Marlin.

You can buy the 2011 Gary Fisher Marlin for about $100 more, plus the taxes which you do not have to pay with BikesDirect. For your extra $100 or so your purchase of a 2011 Gary Fisher Marlin will give you full support of your local bike shop, a life time warranty on the frame, and 24 gears. The 2011 Gary Fisher Marlin is a better buy for an entry level 29er mountain bike, but if you simply looking for a 29er single speed that can be upgrade whenever you want and do not necessarily need the support of your local bike shop then go ahead and take a strong look at the Motobecane Outcast 29er.


BikesDirect gets a lot of flak from many people on the various bike related forums, but it is hard to tell who are actual riders and who are simply bike shop employees and owners who hate BikesDirect. BikesDirect can sell their similarly equipped bikes for much cheaper than many local bike shops can, and they also do not have to charge the customer for taxes like your local bike shop has to.

BikesDirect is a great company to order from, but unless you can do basic assemble and maintenance or at least have a local bike shop that will do work on your bike then you may be better off buying a 29er from your local bike shop. BikesDirect can save you a lot of money, if you feel comfortable using them to order your new bicycle cheap.