Securing your cars from theft

Security alarms for your car

Auto Security Alarm SystemAuto motor immobilizer security alarms are now fitted to nearly every brand new car that is built. In a lot of countries it became compulsory that a manufacturer fitted an immobilizer to the vehicle before it was sold. This means that most cars have a factory fitted security system, depending on the level of trim in your car this means the specifications you can also have a factory security alarm as well.

What is an immobilizer?

An immobilizer is a device that breaAuto Security Productsks and electric circuit in the car which cuts off the ECU, the ignition, and the electric that goes to the fuel pump. What this does is without the right key which has a chip in it or a key fob which will have an infrared sensor the car will not be able to power up.

What this does is deter thieves from stealing your vehicle as it will take them more time and they will need a lot of expertise to be successful.

What is a security alarm?

A car security alarm is a feature that acts as a deterrent to stop thieves from taking a vehicle. When a car is broken into without the alarm being turned off a loud siren will emit warning people around that the car is being broken into.

Statistics of theft and motor immobilizer security alarms

Most thieves tend to be opportunists looking for an automobile to steal for either fun or to commit another crime in. Due to the increase in motor immobilizer security alarms this has meant that many thieves tend to go for older cars before legislation came in for factory fitted security systems.

An average statistic is that only one in four cars that are stolen is taken by a professional that is looking to sell the car on. These people have very sophisticated equipment and are to do with organised crime. But the majority of cars that are taken can be prevented by having a simple system installed.

If your automobile does not have an immobilizer or a security alarm you can have these fitted by any Auto Security Alarmsgarage or car accessory shop. You can also choose from a range of different security devices by shopping online, there are a range of different products that are on the market and you should look to your local regulations to check that it meets motor insurance standards.

Auto motor immobilizer security alarms are very important to have and you have an insurance policy that will cover you if your car does get stolen you always get less than what you pay car. This can cause a lot of stress and anxiety, but it will also mean you will have to fork out even more money which you might not have. Ensuring that your car is protected with a decent security system will not only deter thieves but may even lead to them being caught in the act of stealing your car. It is better to recover your car with slight damage than to lose it all together.