One of the most tragic injuries a motorcycle rider can sustain from a road mishap is traumatic brain injury (TBI).

Motorcycle accidents often result in wide array of physical injuries, but TBI is considered as one of the most painful and gravely inconvenient types of accident injury.

TBI can be sustained when an abrupt force hits a person’s head that severely damages his or her brain’s vital parts. Most of the time, TBIs can result in the alteration of the victim’s bodily functions. Specifically, TBI impairs a person’s five senses, the ability to think logically and to reason out, his or her sleep patterns, temperament, and other related physical and mental attributes.

In the legal sense, a biker who sustains TBI in an accident caused by another person has the right to claim for personal injury damages. TBI victims can be entitled to receive various injury payments such as reimbursement for expenses for hospitalization, rehabilitation and physical therapy, medication, loss of income, and other expenses incurred due to the accident.

Additionally, motorcycle accident victims with TBI can also be eligible to assert for pain and suffering damages, loss of consortium damages, and emotional anguish damages.

If you were injured in a motorcycle accident in California and you sustained TBI, it is necessary for you to follow certain tips to ensure that you will get the compensations you deserve. The following are suggested tips for personal injury claimants in the State of California:

1. Secure all medical records, hospitalization bills, and treatment bills – For the motorcycle accident victim to claim for damages, he or she must provide pieces of evidence that will show he or she has undergone series of medical procedures or treatment.

2. Follow physician’s advice – An injury victim must adhere to their doctor’s advices and prescriptions for them to recover timely. Failure to do so may compromise the case because the liable party’s legal counsel can argue that the victim is not doing his or her part to recover from injuries, making him or her illegible for compensations.

3. Hire a personal injury attorney – Motorcycle accident victims must strongly consider hiring a Los Angeles attorney in claiming for personal injury lawsuit. A personal injury attorney can efficiently defend the rights of injury victims and assert for compensatory damages. Additionally, an expert injury attorney can competently negotiate with the insurance company of the liable party to demand for adequate amount of compensations.

Dealing with TBI is never convenient, which is why it is necessary for victims to ensure that they have a claim for personal injury payments; otherwise, they have to pay for their medication and hospital expenses alone.