Take a moment to visualize this scenario: you are on your return trip home from a two week sightseeing cross country tour. After the surprisingly tasty continental breakfast in the main lobby of your hotel, you go to throw a leg over your bike only to find yourself staring blankly between the two painted lines where your bike should be. A great many bikers have experienced situations similar to this, many of which could have been avoided by a motorcycle security system and some basic tips. Approximately 5% of all the motorcycles sold today are stolen. This is an even greater statistic than that of car theft.

Parking your beloved vehicle in an unknown, or unsafe area is obviously a very dangerous idea. Extra care is needed to help safeguard your bike. Securing your motorcycle with a good lock is not enough, help ensure the safety of your vehicle by purchasing an alarm system. The system will sound an alarm or other alert if there is ever an attempt to move your vehicle improperly. An alarm will greatly discourage any thief, keeping your bike in your hands.

Electronic Alarms - Modern motorcycles, excluding most scooters, typically use some sort of factory immobilization device to discourage casual theft; however, a well prepared thief will likely be able to quickly overcome such devices. Bearing this in mind, it would be beneficial to consider an alarm, or electronic security system.

A security system should not only sound an alarm, it should prevent false triggers, as well as add an additional immobilization point. Additionally, sirens should only by sounded during a legitimate threat to your motorcycle. Some systems incorporate tilt and shock sensors that activate the alarm.

A key factor in deterring motorcycle thieves is the use of a simple steering lock. Steering locks inhibit the effortless maneuvering of your vehicle, discouraging most casual theft. Adding this simple obstacle will frequently prevent your bike from being stolen. Using an ignition lock in combination with a steering lock doubles the effectiveness.

A bike parked out in the open will likely be an inviting target for a thief, so park your bike in a garage. Those that do not have access to a garage should use a plain cloth motorcycle cover. Avoid covers with flashy brand names as this will only draw more attention from those with ill will.

In conclusion, bike owners should employ a layered security approach to maximize effectiveness. It is common knowledge that you should avoid parking your bike in unsafe or unknown areas, as these may be easy targets for thieves. After finding a suitable location to park your vehicle, a chain or U-lock should be used to stop casual theft. On a final note, while factory immobilizers may deter some thieves, adding an electronic tracking, Motorcycle Alarm, or other alarm system will help ensure much greater security for your motorcycle.