Do you have a biker in your family? Their birthday is coming up, and you just don't know what to get? Instead of the usual, why not get a motorcycle gift?

Here are just a few ideas to get you started on your shopping. Of course many of the ideas, will depend on your budget. If you are feeling really generous that then the top tips will be where you go shopping.


This is brain protection for your biker! You do not want to cheap out here, they need to be fitted, and it would be best for you to find a motorcycle supply shop that carries helmets such as Shoei, Arai, and Bell just to get you started. Find out how much this will cost, and then get a gift certificate and take your biker to get fitted for some brain protection.


Good Jacket

Nothing worse that road rash, which is what can happen if you are wearing just a t-shirt, and those bugs don't feel to good hitting your bare arms, so if guy just wears whatever they have around the place, then check out some good leather jackets and this will be a great idea. Once again get a gift certificate and take to the store and get fitted.

If the budget will allow, getting a helmet and a good jacket,  is not only safer, but will look good on a motorcycle.

Rain Suit

Another idea, is a good rain suit. If there are plans on doing some road trips or long distance, you can't always know the weather, so a good rain suit will keep them dry. This is the type of motorcycle gift they will appreciate when the weather moves in.

Good Boots

Once again this can be a big ticket item, but if they are wearing running shoes while out on the road, it is time for protection on those ankles.

Heated Vest

This is one great idea that will extend the riding season just a bit. What may seem like just a bit nippy of a day, can feel like sub zero on a motorcycle, so a heated vest would be a great motorcycle gift idea.

If the budget cannot afford the above items, or maybe your guy is totally outfitted already, then here are a few good hints, that are a bit more affordable but just as nice a gift.

Owners Manual

If your guy likes to work on their own motorcycle, then a really good manual or even a overhaul manual specifically for their bike would be a great motorcycle gift idea. Chilton makes some good manuals.

Motorcycle Magazine Subscription

A good subscription to a magazine such as Classic Bike, Cycle World or Cycle Canada would make a great gift.

Bike Show Tickets

If there is a motorcycle show coming up, get tickets. This would make a great motorcycle gift idea. The only downside to this is there will be bigger and better bikes to drool over. Leave the credit cards at home!

Posters for the Shop

If your guy has an area to call their own, or a home for their prized motorcycle, how about finding some cool posters and prints for the shop!

Homemade Calendar

Get a good picture of your guy with their motorcycle, and then get it made into a calendar for their shop.

Hopefully the above tips will give you some ideas. If you have a biker in your family, the above gift ideas are going to WOW them, and this will definitely go over better than that pair of socks you normally get.