A DUI or DWI can be an expensive mistake. A possible way to save money, however, is through the use of an ignition interlock device (IID) installed on a motorcycle. Nearly all of the states require the use of an IID for some types of alcohol related driving violations. For offenders that are required to have an IID installed in their vehicle, using a motorcycle can offer money savings. This is because SR-22 insurance for motorcycles may be significantly less expensive than insuring a passenger vehicle. It is important to note that the device usually must be installed on every vehicle you operate. Therefore, if you want to reap the savings on insurance, a motorcycle will become your primary means of transportation.

However, it is important to check with your state ignition interlock laws and regulations that govern the IID program. Some states allow IIDs to be installed on motorcycles and some do not. For instance, motorcycle interlock devices are allowed in Oregon, but in South Carolina they are not allowed. If your state does not allow the use of IIDs on motorcycles, you will not be able to drive a motorcycle during the period of time the breathalyzer device is installed. Motorcycles are not exceptions to ignition interlock program requirements.

The best places to look for information on whether or not you can use an IID on a motorcycle is in any court documents you received, with your probation officer or supervisor, and with your state's department of transportation (or perhaps the department of motor vehicle safety or revenue).

It is also important to note that IID installers are private companies and the cost of installation, monitoring, and removal may vary from one installation center to the next. For the maximum savings be sure to contact several state approved IID installers to compare prices. DUIs are quite dexpensive mistakes, but there are ways to reduce the amount you'll pay.