When shopping for motorcycle insurance many people will turn to there local insurance company and have them add it on. If you wan to shop for motorcycle insurance you can save money and receive the same amount of coverage if you do some research. There are many companies that specialize in motorcycle insurance. These insurance companies will give you a free quote for your motorcycle insurance.


Everybody knows Geico from there commercials with the talking Gecko and the cavemen. What a lot of motorcycle riders do not know is that Geico insures a huge number of motorcycles each year. If you already have Geico insurance for your car you may be able to get an even larger discount by adding on your motorcycle.

Sport BikeProgressive

Progressive bills its self as "Americas #1 Provider Of Motorcycle Insurance" and for good reason. Each year Progressive insures millions of motorcycle riders.


Nationwide has a specialized department that deals in insurance for not only motorcycles but all types of power sports including ATVS and water crafts such as ski boats and fishing boats.

State Farm

State Farm provides insurance for some motorcycles. They do not provide insurance to home built choppers or any extreme customs motorcycles. They only want to insure factory made stock motorcycles. State Farm sucks for most people when it comes to insurance. If you already use State Farm for your automobile insurance and have a great relationship with your insurance agent then consider getting a quote from State Farm for you motorcycle insurance. They may be just what you are looking for but probably not.


AARP provides free quotes on motorcycles. If you are an AARP member you may be able to get a great rate on full coverage motorcycle insurance for your motorcycle. AARP provides motorcycle insurance to a wide variety of motorcycles unlike State Farm. AARP will insure most cruisers, sport bikes, trikes, customs, and legally registered home built choppers.

Ace Insurance Services

Ace Insurance Services provides insurance to a huge range of motorcycles, automobiles and even horses. If you run a race track or race motorcycle son the track then Ace Insurance Services can get you the motorcycle insurance you need and deserve. Ace Insurance Services also provides insurance to motorcycle dealerships as well as ATV's and dirt bikes. If you are having a hard time getting your nitrous Harley V-Rod race motorcycle insured then check out Ace Insurance Services for a company that will provide you insurance.

Ace Insurance Services will provide motorcycle insurance for many situations in which other insurance companies will never ever provide insurance. Ace Insurance Services is able to get you insurance regardless of your situation. If you race professionally on drag strips then Ace Insurance Services can get you top of the line coverage with there motorcycle insurance.

There are many other companies that provide motorcycle insurance. Get a free quote from as many as you choose. The cheapest motorcycle insurance may not be the best motorcycle insurance but with the internet and the broad range of free motorcycle insurance quotes you can get the cheapest may be the best motorcycle insurance for you and your bike. Image Credit: (Flickr/chascar)