If you’re looking for a good motorcycle mechanics school, you won’t have trouble finding one to suit your learning style and specialization preference. There are several colleges, and even universities, that offer courses in motorcycle mechanics, and there are even educational institutions that focus specifically on motorcycle mechanics.

Professionals in the avenue of motorcycle repair are involved in the maintenance and repair of (you guessed it) motorcycles. They generally work in automotive repair shops, independent repair garages, or in partnership with motorcycle dealers.

Presently the demand for motorcycle technicians is rising, and aiming to become a professional in this area is a lucrative venture.

The job description

Finding a motorcycle mechanics school doesn’t necessarily just mean getting your own bike and having a cool ride to show off. Motorcycle mechanics usually spend a lot of time in the company of all types of motorcycles, however they constitute more than just a part of their profession, but as a way of life and an object of livelihood.

Motorcycle mechanics are responsible for the maintenance, repair and overhaul of motorcycles. Enrolling in a motorcycle mechanics school will prepare you for the rigors of repairing different types of small engine drivable equipment, including motor scooters, mopeds, dirt bikers and even all-terrain vehicles. Aside from plain maintenance and repair, a motorcycle mechanic is obliged to work on transmissions, brakes, exhaust, and ignition systems, on top of making minor repairs to damaged sections of a motorcycle’s body.

What to expect

Employers prefer hiring mechanics that have completed a formal education and training in the said area, so getting into a good motorcycle mechanics school is essential. It doesn’t necessarily have to be the best, most expensive school, just as long as the education you acquire is indeed useful and provides you with all you need to know to be a motorcycle mechanic.

Motorcycle mechanic training programs are usually conducted in a technical area or at a vocational school. Generally a motorcycle mechanics school offers a diploma or certificate on program completion. Usually the programs last a year or two, depending on your specialization.

If you want to snag a trainee mechanic position at a mechanic shop, employers will consider more applicants that have high mechanical aptitudes and knowledge of basic electronics. Even a highschool diploma may not be necessary if an applicant has solid reading, writing and mathematical skills. Trainees usually learn basic maintenance and repair by working on various engine types aside motorcycles, including automobiles. Good grades and references from a credible motorcycle mechanics school will also help boost your marketability.

Top schools for motorcycle mechanics

These are the top schools for motorcycle repair according to Education-portal.com. Take note that the educational quality of the school is in no relation to the order they are presented. The concept of a motorcycle mechanics school is redefined by these institutions.

The Lincoln Technical Institute offers courses on motorcycle technology, collision repair, automotive certificate, and diesel certificate. The minimum eligibility requirement for this school is that you have to live in close proximity to the school location.

The Penn Foster Career School offers career diplomas in the following: motorcycle repair technician, auto repair technician, diesel/mechanics heavy truck maint, and small engine repair. To be able to enrol in Penn Foster, you must be at least 18 years old, and they have distance learning programs for students that don’t live in the immediate vicinity.

Ashworth College offers career diplomas in motorcycle mechanics and auto mechanics. The college has a slightly lower age requirement; you need to be at least 17 years old to enrol in Ashworth College. They offer online programs for those who wish to take advantage of the powers of the Internet in the educational arena.

Westwood College provides an associate degree in automotive technology. It offers online programs, and if you graduated from high school in 2006 or earlier, you are considered eligible to apply for the online programs.

Oklahoma State University provides variety in the courses you might consider taking. They have undergraduate studies (bachelor’s and associate degrees) in mechanic and repair technologies studies (focusing on heating, air conditioning, ventilation and refrigeration maintenance, leatherworking and upholstery) and vehicle repair and maintenance studies (focusing on autobody repair and diesel mechanics programs). 

Western Michigan University offers graduate degrees (doctorates and masters programs)in mechanic and repair technologies, specifically avionics repair and maintenance. Although not a lot of people pursue a PhD in motorcycle mechanics, WMU redefines a normally vocational course into one that can be elevated to formal training and education.

Other schools of note that offer motorcycle mechanics are Milwaukee Area Technical College, and Kansas State University.

Additional information on these schools are available on Education-portal.com, and the site also redirects to the official websites of each school, in the event you may want to enrol in a particular motorcycle mechanics school, or take up a motorcycle mechanics course in an institution.