The Ultimate Buying Guide For Motorcycle Riding Boots

Laws requiring all motorcyclists to wear a helmet are active in 19 states and the District of Columbia, and all but three states have at least some laws regarding the use of motorcycle helmets. These laws are to protect the rider, and wearing a helmet is what many consider to be common sense. However, many motorcyclists also wear boots for safety reasons, even though there are currently no laws that require them to do so.

AXO Primato II Motorcycle BootsMotorcycle riding boots — aside from being stylish — offer protection from road gravel, wind and potential foot and lower leg injuries that may result from accidents. They also provide better traction on asphalt and pavement, in addition to keeping your feet in place on your bike pegs.

Wearing good quality boots while riding is important, and the best motorcycle riding boots are made out of leather and have a waterproof coating. Leather can be more expensive than other materials that are used to make boots, but leather will last the longest and afford you the best protection. There are motorcycle riding shoes, but these often lack the design of boots, which protect not only your feet but also your ankles and shins. This means that good, protective boots will cover a good portion of the bottom of your legs (at the very least, they should go past your ankles). Shoes may be easier to get on, but they don’t come with much safety.

Vega Touring Men's Motorcycle BootsThere are many different kinds of motorcycle riding boots. For example, some boots have straps, while others have zippers and laces. The boots with laces can be dangerous, however, if not tied correctly. The benefit of boots with laces is that they can be tied tightly to have a more snug fit than other boots, but in the event that they come untied while riding they are a real safety hazard. If a loose lace becomes caught on a foot peg, brake pedal, gear shifter, or any other part of the motorcycle, this can actually cause the bike to topple when you are stopped or dismounting. Aside from becoming damaged themselves, Bikes are heavy and can cause serious damage to your legs or feet (all the more reason to protect yourself with good quality boots), so be sure to double tie your boot laces if you go with a laced boot.

As mentioned above, the other fastening options are straps and zippers. Straps aren’t always adjustable, but others are. However, if buying boots with straps make sure they aren’t loose. Even the adjustable ones will only adjust part of the boot’s fit, leaving the rest of it loose. Boots that fit may be harder to slip on and off, but they will stay on your feet when you need them to.

Vega Touring Men's Motorcycle BootsZippers, on the other hand, make boots very easy to slip on and off, and for this reason the majority of taller boots have them. However, if you don’t like the look of zipper you’re in luck; some boots use a vertical zipper that is hidden with an overlaying flap of the boot. Sometimes faux straps are also used to hide the zipper. One disadvantage of zippers, however, is that water can get in them. Nevertheless, many manufacturers include a sort of pleat on the inside that unfolds when the boot is unzipped, thus helping to create a waterproof seal regardless of whether the zipper is up or down. Like the rest of the boot, zippers should still be wiped down and dried off after a ride through mud, water or rainstorms. This will help keep them from rusting over and will preserve the life of your motorcycle riding boots.

The style of boot that most people associate with motorcycles and bikers is the engineer style. Engineer boots are black with adjustable leather straps running across the ankles as well as at the top of the boot. This is what many consider to be a true “biker boot.” Another classic style is the “Harness Boot,” which comes in either brown or black. Unlike engineer boots, which are more rounded, harness boots have a square toe. They also have non-adjustable leather straps attached to metal rings on both sides of the boots going across the ankles.

Many motorcycle riding boots also come with a steel toe or safety toe. This will help to protect your feet from scrapes and the elements. However, if you have the option of getting a safety toe that is made of a material other than steel, get that one instead. In the case of an accident, steel toes can actually crush the front of your feet and cause serious injury. Safety toes made of lighter materials are therefore safer. Do yourself a favor and don’t make the false assumption that a steel toe is better.

Even though more men are known to ride motorcycles than women, there is an even greater variety of women’s motorcycle riding boots. Women’s boots in general are very much in style now and have been for the past few years, so a female motorcyclist can find durable riding boots at most shoe retailers. Even most leather boots not created with the purpose of riding motorcycles are suitable, so the style possibilities are endless. Nevertheless, there are motorcycle riding boots made specifically for female bikers, and for the most part these can be found at the same locations that sell boots for male bikers.

Some of the best motorcycle riding boots are actually sold by the very same people who make the best motorcycles. There are Harley Davidson motorcycle riding boots, for example, which tend to follow a more traditional biker style. If you wish to compare other high quality boots from reliable brands, there are also Honda riding boots and Kawasaki riding boots, both of which offer a wide range of boots for men and women in many styles. If you’re unsure of what exactly you are looking for in biker footwear, be sure to hop online and read motorcycle riding boots reviews.