The Buzz on the Street

Springtime has arrived and the 2012 motorcycle rally season just around the corner, countless riders ride the roads and byways that weave across this glorious country with motorcycle helmets and back packs. We are all making our plans or even dreaming of a fantastic riding season filled with memories that will last a long time. There are countless places to check out and things to discover which can be confusing at times while you driving. The last thing in our brain is having the best of our time disturbed by something as common as a traffic stop. When you're driving through this great country, each state has their own laws concerning bikes and you must know that simply because your bike is legal in your state, in others, it may not be. Simple things like the height of your handle bar can get you a ticket. After you've been stopped, the local enforcer can start asking questions and a chain of offenses may be discovered. Before leaving, check the laws and regulations where you are driving.


In the past few years, we have heard about motorcycle-only checkpoints. The question is, are these stops legal? Well, the issue here is that while our state reps try to sort this out, we might be taking one on the chin. Hopefully, you won't ever get delays at any stops, particularly a motorcycle-only stop. If this happens to you, it's always better if you absolutely have your paperwork in order and if you're cited for something in a checkpoint, please do not sign that you are guilty. Request a hearing and take your chance with the judge. This can tie up the court system and at least you can voice out your side and the judge's log. Additionally, remember to write your representative and tell them that you find your civil rights is violated and you just want them to put a stop to this type of harassment. If you're touring, this might be not possible. If you've been involved in a motorcycle-only checkpoint stop, we would like to listen to your story.


The A.M.A. declared that on February 13, 2012, the Virginia State Senate unanimously endorsed the bill, HB-187, that forbids motorcycle-only checkpoints and now the bill heads for Governor Bob McDonnell for deliberation. If you want to join us in our out cry, please reach out to the governor and address him that you wish for him to approve HB-187 into law. You can contact Governor Bob McDonnell at (804) 786-2211. This bill was introduced because Arlington County Police Department in Virginia enforced a motorcycle-only checkpoint within Rolling Thunder on the 28th of May. The state of North Carolina has recently authorized the same bill into legislation that forbids motorcycle-only checkpoints.

This is a true great example of our Motorcycle Rights Organizations taking action. Several people reported to the A.M.A concerning checkpoints and a call to step up went out. House delegate, C. Todd Gilbert, presented H-B 187 and with your support, his hard work together with bike community wins a huge fight. If you drive, you might want to choose what's best for you. To make sure that your message is heard, please spend some time to get involved. If you make others do the battle for you, guarantee that they are on the same page like you. You may not have the same judgment on every issue, but at least your side is still heared.

E16 Ethanol

Furthermore, the A.M.A. reports that the house board approved a bill to require the E.P.A. to obtain self-sufficient scientific assessment relating to the effects of 15% ethanol. The bill, H.R.3199, was designed by Rep Jim Sensenbrenner (R- WI.). The E.P.A. only used one US DOE assessment and released with haste this product on the market. This bill too needs our support. Not just our bikes, but every gasoline engine is in danger of serious problems that will probably be caused by 15% ethanol. Our engines just weren't made for this type of fuel. The E.P.A. should never have set the green light for this gasoline without having been screened more thorough. Using this E15 fuel will manufacturers' warranties and will mess up gas engines not intended for this kind of gas. There are no bikes on the list of motor vehicles that are for E15.

Please have a look at the fuel pumps. This fuel may perhaps be in your favorite filling station now. Air cooled engines are especially in danger along with high end and off-road engines. This gasoline will burn too hot and cause engine deterioration or malfunction. Read your owner's manual if you absolutely have any queries with regards to the effect of E15 with your engines. We simply want to say thanks to the readers for presenting their support. The next generation will have countless battles to have while protecting our motorcycle proper rights. We wish to say thanks to our service women and men, past and present, that protect and fight for our own freedom.  This bike week season, make sure you wear your motorcycle helmet for the road trips and motorcycle rallies.  Enjoy the ride but stay safe.  Until the next blog.