If you shop around the Internet you will quickly be able to find lots of motorcycles under 500 dollars. How good these motorcycles are is all down to you knowing a bit about the motorbike before you buy it, there's no doubting that a lot of these motorcycles are not going to be up to much. So knowing a little about the mechanics, will quickly tell you if its a motorcycles that is worth $500 of your hard earned cash. Let's take a quick look at just two of the different websites that you can pick up some fantastic cheap motorbike bargains.

Motorcycles Under 500 DollarsThe first website that we are going to look at for buying cheap motorcycles is the big online auction website eBay. First of all you want to narrow your search down to the distance that you're prepared to travel to pick up the motorcycle. If the maximum distance that you are prepared to travel is 200 miles, then enter this amount into the advanced search box.

Because eBay is such a big site, you will be surprised at just now many motorcycles under 500 dollars will appear in your advanced searches. Depending on the distance it may also be a good idea, to go and check out the motorcycle your thinking about bidding on before you make your bid. By doing this you will know what you are bidding on, some sellers can be a little dishonest and not describe everything about the motorbike hoping that by not doing this they will make a little bit more money on the auction.

What's good about eBay is that there are more and more motorcycle auctions hitting the website each day, so if you don't win one certain auction. You always know that another one is just around the corner. If you can wait a little and be patient you should be able to pick up an absolutely bargain motorbike on eBay. The number one tip I can give you though, when making bids on eBay is to never make a bid on an auction until the very last minute. If you do, you are being a little foolish and giving other people a chance to bump up the price. The only disadvantage to buying from eBay is its highly likely that you are not going to see the motorcycle before you commit to buy it, basically your buying off the auctions description and the pictures.

The second website that we are going to look at for buying cheap motorcycles is craiglist. This website is full of motorcycles under 500 dollars. All you need to do is hop over to craigslist, type in the place that you live in. Then type motorcycles under $500 into the search craigslist box or click on the motorcycles link and it will quickly return you all the bargain motorcycles that are currently listed on the website. Some weeks there will be more motorbikes listed than others, you just have to keep checking until that bargain motorbike appears that you are interested in buying.