Motorized Curtain Rods

 Uses For Motorized Curtain Rods

Motorized curtain rods may seem like a needless luxury to some, however for those with restrictive circumstances which require them will have a decidedly different perspective.  Most people imagine the only use for a motorized curtain rod being a remote controlled drapery system for home theatres, however there are a number of uses for them which you may not have thought of.  Some of the most common uses include:

Hard To Reach Windows - Rather than risk the use of an unstable ladder to open and close the curtains on hard to reach windows, motorized curtain rods allow you choose the right amount of light for a room with the flick of a switch.  Save money on electricity and heating bills by opening your curtains during daylight hours, and closing them at night for privacy and energy efficiency.  

Oversized Windows - For large sun rooms, the number of curtains or blinds that need opened to take advantage of the space could take a lot of time.  By having all of the windows equipped with motorized curtain rods you can enjoy a room bursting with natural light in as little as a few seconds.  You can even assign zones that open specific groups of blinds together rather than one at time or all at once.  

Home Theatres - Motorized curtain rods are sure to impress any of your friend as with the flick of a switch or button on your remote, the lights dim, the drapes close over your windows, and your expensive television or projection screen is exposed behind a curtain.  With many of the most popular remote controlled curtains having special IR sensors that can be programmed into many universal remotes, one press of a button can set the mood for a movie automatically.  

Overexposed Rooms - Many home owners and restaurant owners alike can appreciate the benefits of motorized curtain rods to keep an optimal amount of light with timers that follow the path of the sun.  Many south and west facing windows receive light that can be blinding and distracting to guests and customers.  With a little bit of programming many remote controlled blinds can follow the sun inch by inch down the window until they are completely closed for the dinner rush hour.  

Types Of Motorized Curtain Rods

There are only a few types of motorized curtain rods, but the differences between them can have a dramatic effect on the style and performance of your curtains or blinds.  

Motorized Traverse Rod - Similar to a traditional traverse rod in the way curtains are hung, the only difference is the fact that they can be opened by remote, switch, or timer.  Type of rod makes most sense for home theater applications, or for convenience as you can still choose and change which curtains or drapes you use.  

Remote Controlled Blinds - For simple and convenient blocking of sunlight, motorized blinds offer the most cost effective solution.  Most commonly found in vertical roll up styles, the mechanisms are much less involved.  Color and pattern choices are limited to that offered by the manufacturer rather than being added as a separate piece.  Whatever style you choose, motorized curtain rods provide the luxury and convenience to allow you to open any curtain quickly and effortlessly.