It is built to military specifications. This means that it is very durable. This phone can handle being dropped from a pretty high distance. It is water resistant. This phone is not completely waterproof and submersible, but it can stand being left in the rain for several minutes. It also has many options. Camera, camcorder, the ability to access the internet; browse web and watch television and it has tools such as the calculator, calendar and stopwatch. It also has great signal even in the woods. The speaker phone is very clear when you are listening to somewhere. Many speaker phones tend to sound muffled. This phone is very easy to work with and is not complicated like many of the new designs. The buttons are large and are flat so anyone can read it and food or any other particles won't fall through. This is a great phone if you are outdoors near sand and dirt often.


This phone is not as slim as the newer designed phones. Many phones now have a touch screen and are thinner. Another con of this phone is that there isn't much internal memory. This makes it almost required to purchase a memory card for an additional price. Since you can take pictures and videos you are going to want to have enough memory to store all of your things. People also complain about the battery life on this phone. It is said that especially when you use Sprint TV, it lowers the battery life very quickly. Not only does this service lower your battery life, it also comes in very poor. The talk time that is listed really doesn't last that long. Many claim that the have to recharge it every night, which isn't that big of a deal but it isn't what they expected.

Full Review

Cell phones are a wonderful invention as they provide assuredness of help during an emergency. Cell phones are great because you can make calls on the road or at home without being forced to stay in one spot. The type of cell phone you get is extremely important. Purchasing a cheap cell phone is going to get you cheap quality. You get what you pay for. You wouldn't want to be stuck in need of help with a phone of poor quality. Before purchasing a phone, it is your responsibility to do the research and know the type of phone that you are getting. Once you sign a contract you are stuck with that phone for the next two years. The Motorola Renegade is a cell phone of great quality.

In Closing

All in all, this phone is a great phone to purchase. This phone is affordable yet provides decent quality. I would not recommend getting a cheaper phone than this. The phones that are listed free with contract can be very poor quality. Most Motorola phones are generally of good quality, the Renegade being the proof. I would definitely recommend getting this phone for myself or anyone else interested in the Sprint service.