A Real Challenger to the Apple Ipad

The Motorola Xoom tablet is the first tablet to run the Android operating system. This really benefits that average user who may or may not know too much about using a tablet. The Xoom tablet was the winner of the best of show award at the 2011 Consumer Electronics Show. It runs on Android 3.0 which is the best Google operating system available today, which gives you flexibility to do what you want. The Xoom has a 1 GHz processor which means it is fast enough to keep up with you and all of your technology needs. It has multiple cameras and a High Definition display for full video watching pleasure. Not only does the Xoom have all these features but it also can play flash videos, something the iPad can’t even do.

Operating System

Android 3.0 allows the user to make the Xoom tablet unique to him or her and allows the user to use the device to its full potential with the ability to handle extreme multitasking. The holographic user interface allows for the use of five home screens, all five can be customized to the preferences of the user. The notification system allows the user to use the device without getting annoyed by constant updates popping up on the screen, this means a more friendly experience for first time users. Android 3.0 also is home to the Android app store where the user can browse from a selection of games, books, and other applications that can be downloaded to the Xoom tablet. Many of those games and other apps are used to take advantage of that full 1 GHz processor speed.

Processing Power

The dual core 1 GHz processor used in the Xoom tablet is the first of its kind to be used in a tablet computer. The first benefit of this processor is the ability to browse the web at mind blowing speeds. With the advancement in wireless communication, web browsing speed is a very vital part of all tablets. Additionally, with a processor like this, it gives the tablet extra power to handle extreme multitasking. For the user who wants to listen to Pandora while browsing the Internet without a slow down, this is the processor for that. This tablet also rocks a 720p HD display that takes full advantage of this processor.

Screen View

The screen on the Xoom tablet is 10.1 inches and has 720p display, an optimal setting for watching videos or playing games. The tablet also has a built in graphics card that is capable of streaming 1080p videos to an HDMI compatible device. This means that a group of friends can get together and watch videos together just like if they were using a desktop computer. Additionally, Xoom has two built in cameras, keep in mind the iPad only has one. The first camera is a front facing 2.0 mega pixel camera that can be used to video chat with a friend. The second rear facing camera is 5.0 mega pixels and can take HD pictures. These features only skim the surface of what is packed inside this small handheld device.


The Motorola Xoom tablet is the best tablet on the market today, the iPad falls short in many ways. The Android 3.0 operating system is the best on the market today. The 1 GHz processor means seamless use for every user no matter what the device is used for. The High Definition display is the ultimate icing on the cake for this truly revolutionary handheld entertainment device. The Xoom tablet is a great product for a great price, I know that there are tablets available on the market that are better than this one. There are a lot of options out there but once you have this in your hands, you will know it is the right product for you.