After the inopportune breakdown of the Kenwood Blender, I decided to buy a Moulinex as I had seen my mother using it almost every day for the past decade. I was not sure of the model and since I could not wait for long to get the number from mother who was out of town, I purchased the AAW947 Optiblend Liquidiser & Mill. Expecting it to work like any other Moulinex blender was the biggest part on my part. If only I had waited for couple of days I would have got the right blender. Regrettably, this is not up to the level from Moulinex and not only that this model is gross and does not serve the purpose to satisfaction.

Main purpose behind buying a blender was to make soups, sauce and smoothies. It is a pity that this cannot make a decent smoothie, even the local blenders that are sold in the market at half the price does a better job. The stainless steel blade with serrated edges apparently is not that efficient as it seems to be. It does not cut through the frozen fruits and is left as a lump in the base of the jar. Liquid keeps swirling above the mass of fruit settled at the bottom and it makes a lightly flavored drink instead of smoothie. Ok, I ruled out this for making smoothies with frozen fruits. This crap blender cannot even blend ordinary banana properly and it becomes mushy and sticks to the blade at times jamming them.

I find the Optiblend Liquidiser manageable only with blending soup that is already boiled and mashed. In my opinion the faulty design of the blade is main reason for this ultimate disaster. It is also kind of ok with making protein shakes and sweetened curd. That gives me a feeling that this Moulinex Blender is not sufficiently designed to handle solid food stuff. This is despite having 300 watt motor and I don't think the motor is at fault. This makes some amount of noise and the first time I used, after hearing the noise I overrated it to be a powerful blender and opened the jar to find something that is far from smoothie. Cleaning is not an issue and the gadget as such is compact with even provision for cord storage.

For sentimental reasons I don't want to part with the Moulinex Optiblend Liquidiser and I find that two rounds of shaking and stirring in between the operation gives better results. 1 liter jar is ample for a family and if only it had been come in with usual Moulinex quality, this would have been my favorite. A mill comes along with this and that too is no good and is given for names sake. Though they said that it could grind dry ingredients, it fails to grind even freshly roasted coffee beans. Nuts come out smashed and spices are almost ground. However, it makes decent castor sugar from refined sugar.