A food processor is one of the appliances in the kitchen that is hard to be without. Just imagine, how can we grind, shred, mix without our food processor? Of course, it can be done manually.

But processing our food manually takes time. The time consumed in manually processing the food could be used for other tasks in our home. The time and effort saved because of a food processor can not be warranted.

Moulinex is the name you can trust when it comes to food processor. Moulinex is a brand name for kitchen products that gives consumers quality and durability in its products. It made its way to the hearts of our home makers since 1932.

The three products catered by Moulinex food processor are Masterchef 8000 and Adventio. These products have its distinct features designed to cater the needs of each consumers.

The usage of Masterchef 8000 is for preparation of soups, milk shakes and liquid dough. This product can grate, dice, chop, mince, mix and make fruit juices. It comes in various colors such as red, silver, green and white.

One of the features of Masterchef 8000 is its reversible full metal disc. This comes in handy in coarse slicing and grating. Ruby red also comes with a juice extractor. The purpose of which is to extract the most out of your fruits.

Adventio comes with a twin system. This is used to prepare cocktails, soup, light pastes and milkshakes. It contains two discs for grating and slicing. Therefore, you can swiftly prepare your food due to its dual functionality.

Moulinex food processor has a spacious bowl which can accommodate large amounts of items for processing. This is very handy if you are preparing food or shakes for a large group of people.

The product also includes a booklet. It has a detailed diagram with the instruction on how to use the processor. More so, it is very easy to assemble. And it is very easy to disassemble them in case you need to.

The lid lock also ensures full protection. It locks in place once the motor starts to function. This is very safe in case your children decided to prepare their shakes.

More so, there is a small hole on the lid. You can actually insert additional items on this small hole. However, it is so small that you can not poke your hand inside. This is designed so as an item can be added if user wants to.

Further, it protects the user since the hand can not poke inside. Finer breadcrumbs are easily made as well. It also produces smooth and creamy home made soups.

If also has a large and a small grater disc. The small grater disc is made to create fine grating. Each of the functionalities is designed to cater the needs of the consumers.

Moulinex food processor is the name that you can depend in a food processor. It is flexible so as to maximize the benefits that you can get from the product. This makes Moulinex the best in food processing.