Mount Bloodhorn is a first tier zone and Bloody Sun Boyz starting zone in Warhammer Online. The Dwarfs and Ekrund are in battle against the tribal Orcs and Goblins in WAR.

Bloodhammer Falls, Ironclaw Camp, Sharpthorn Forest, Screeb's Stunty Huntin' Warcamp, Snotwood and Old Sharpthorn Rock Mine all provide interesting locations for players in Mount Bloodhorn.

Greenskins now call Mount Bloodhorn home although it was once the domain of Dwarfs and mercenaries. The once lush forest was hacked down so that Goblins and Orcs could build stockades, siege engines, and Squig pens.

Whilst cutting down the trees they found some Dryads living amongst then nature. They then had no hesitation in killing them all.

However the Dryads have a magical bond with nature and their spirits sometimes return as ghosts which are vengeful and determined to destroy all encountered living creatures.

There is a lot of PvE content in Mount Bloodhorn. These take the form of NPCs Quests as well as Order and Destruction Public Quests as listed below. The PvE content is broken up into the WAR story chapters which are unique to each army, RvR content is also organized this way but to a lesser extent than PvE.

There are Public Quests in Mount Bloodhorn for the first three chapters for Destruction, as well as for the Dwarves for Chapter 3 and Chapter 4.

At the beginning of the Greenskin Prologue you can discover the Destruction Chapters in ascending order. They then continue in a clockwise direction right around the zone map.

You can find Dwarven Chapter 3 in the center left size of the zone. Chapter 4 can be found at the top right of the zone section.

Mount Bloodhorn Destruction Public Quests
- Skarzag's Warcamp: Ugrog's Rage

- Lumber for the Lobbers: Ironclaw Camp, Sharpthorn Rock Mine and Sharpthorn Wud
- A Stone's Throw from the Enemy: Durak's Rest, Kron Komar Gap and The Sacred Grove

Mount Bloodhorn Order Public Quests
- Standoff at the Kron Komar Gap: Destroy the Lobbers, Durak's Rest and Kron Komar Gap
- Keeping the Dogs at Bay: Gutrot Mine, Marghaz Bloodtoof Ritual and Traitor's Watch.

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