There are literally dozens of different replacement and aftermarket mountain bike parts and accessories including the saddle or seat, the frame, fork, front and rear hubs, chain, rims, stem, gear shifters, brakes and brake levers, headsets and head tubes, down tubes, seat tubes and so many others. All of these mountain bike parts are essential components for optimum performance and can be upgraded for even better performance if desired.

Here we will look at a plethora of information regarding how and where to buy mountain bike parts from popular brands like Cannondale, Mongoose, Trek and Shimano. We'll also go over some very helpful tips on getting them for cheap, as well as resources for purchasing used and vintage MTB components. Consider this a complete buyer's guide as you will discover just about everything you need to know about this subject.

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Where to Buy Mountain Bike Parts and Accessories

Whether you like to shop in stores or online, the popularity of this hobby/sport gives you plenty of places to buy components and accessories. The only problem is finding mountain bike parts for the brand that you happen to own. A lot of times you have to buy components that are specific to the manufacturer of your cycle otherwise they won't be compatible and it will be a waste of your time. In this section you will be provided with a couple of the best resources to consider using for 4 of the most popular brands.

Cannondale Mountain Bike Parts

This is one of the most respected MTB companies on the market. They have been around since 1971 and started out as a manufacturer of backpack for camping. In 1983 they began producing aluminum racing and touring frames with MTB frames coming soon after. Cannondale mountain bike parts are top quality and are made in the USA, Pennsylvania to be exact. Over the decades they have introduced a number of full suspension (soft tail) and hard tail models such as the Gemini, Prophet, Scalpel, Rush, Judge, Perp, Chase, 29er Caffeine and the Taurine.

There are a few websites you can buy Cannondale mountain bike parts from. Amazon actually has a decent selection and so does, and a couple of other websites. Most of these places will only have a couple of Cannondale mountain bike parts to choose from so you'll probably have to visit each one to make sure you get the best selection possible.

Mongoose Mountain Bike Parts

Here is a company that is so popular that you can find them in any Walmart or Kmart all across the country. In fact it may have been these stores that made them so famous. Of course, it probably didn't hurt when they merged with Pacific Cycle in 2001. However they got their reputation, Mongoose mountain bike parts are naturally very highly sought-after by hundreds of thousands of people.

You can often pick from a halfway-decent selection of components at stores like Walmart, Toys 'R' Us, and a few sporting goods stores like MC Sports and Sports Authority. There are a few random websites here and there that have a small selection of Mongoose mountain bike parts for sale but eBay is probably your best bet when you shop online. If all else fails, you can always call their hotline at (800) 626-2811 and figure out where a dealer location is near you.

Trek Mountain Bike Parts

It doesn't even matter if you're into MTB, just about everyone has heard of this major manufacturer. There are over 1,700 dealers across North America, Europe, Asia and distributors in 90 countries around the world. Headquartered in Waterloo, Wisconsin, and birthing in 1975, the vast majority of Trek mountain bike parts are actually manufactured in Taiwan and China, but that doesn't mean anything because this company is world-renown for being top-notch in nearly any aspect imaginable.

Pretty much any cycle shop will more than likely have some Trek mountain bike parts for sale like seats, rims, chains, sprockets, frames, forks and handlebars. You may also be able to locate a couple of websites that have a small selection to choose from. Chances are with a company as big as this there will be more sites with components than other brands that aren't as reputable.

Mountain Bike Parts

Shimano Mountain Bike Parts

This Japanese manufacturer of cycling components, fishing tackle and even snowboarding equipment was founded nearly 90 years ago and have been producing high-quality road, hybrid and MTB cycle components like drivetrains, brakes, wheels and pedals the whole time. Shimano mountain bike parts are some of the best that money can buy and they actually make up 75% of the company's sales income. In fact, this brand is so popular that they are considered a leader in the global cycle component market where they claim an estimated 50% of the market share.

One of the reasons Shimano mountain bike parts are so top-notch is because of the STI, which is the company's "Total Integration" gearshift system that combines braking and gear shifting controls in the same component. This makes shifting gears much easier because you don't have to remove you hand for the handlebars, unlike the down tube shifting systems that were most common before the STI system was introduced.

It can be rather difficult finding replacement and aftermarket components for this brand in North America, and your best best is probably to shop online. There is a website called that has the largest selection Shimano mountain bike parts available. Here you can buy gear cables, chains, sprockets and cassettes, pedals, shifters, brakes and brake cables and even all kinds of smaller components like brackets and inserts.

Downhill Mountain Bike Parts

You usually won't have too much trouble getting a hold of any downhill mountain bike parts and accessories, especially if you look online. There are dozens of websites to shop at and one place to help get you started is This site has a large number of components to pick between including drivetrain, seats and seat posts, suspension components, forks, MTB, racing and BMX frames, pedals, handlebars, wheels and tires and many other downhill mountain bike parts for sale. They have very reasonable prices as well, and if you live in the New York area you can visit their store at 2015 Albany Post Road in Croton on Hudson.

Another website worth giving a look is You might not think about Amazon when you think of MTB components but they actually do have quite a decent selection of popular brands of downhill mountain bike parts, and they are almost always going to be less expensive than other specialty sites.

Cheap Mountain Bike Parts for Sale

Those who are on a budget will especially enjoy this section. Here we will go over three of the best places to buy MTB components for the lowest prices. Keep in mind that these are just three websites out of several others that have cheap mountain bike parts for sale and it would be in your best interest to give each one of them a look to make sure you explore all of your options. - This site has a massive range of cheap mountain bike parts from all of your favorite brands including Ferrari, Niner, Leader, Macneil and Sunday. They offer some of the lowest prices on replacement and aftermarket MTB components and have weekly specials and closeouts on all their products. - Here is a website that has over 10,000 items in stock up to 50% off on things like clothing and apparel, helmets, safety gear, tools, sunglasses, car racks, shoes and of course cheap mountain bike parts and accessories. They have clearance and closeout prices on brands such as Giro, Santa Cruz and Fox. This is definitely on of the best resources to take advantage of. - At you can be sure you are getting a great deal on all of their cheap mountain bike parts for sale. This place is specifically designed to be an online outlet store for replacement and aftermarket MTB components and constantly have closeout and clearance prices on anything you can think of. You can also visit the actual JensonUSA outlet stores by using the store location feature or simply request a catalog.

Tips on Buying Discount Mountain Bike Parts

While saving money is always nice, you also want to make sure you are getting quality components that are worth even the low price they are marked at. All of the resources located throughout this article are legit, however, since the best way to save the most money is to shop around, you might come across some sites that have discount mountain bike parts that aren't really very durable. You'll want to make sure you shop at reputable stores and sites otherwise it's possible to get ripped off and not even realize it until after you've already put the components on your MTB.

You don't always have to buy replacement or aftermarket components for your specific brand. Many of the most tempting discount mountain bike parts are basically universal and are compatible with the majority of the big name companies. A lot of the time, these are great deals because it's usually more expensive to buy specific brands, but then again the universal or generic discount mountain bike parts are poor quality. Try to look up some customer reviews on the internet and make sure anything you plan on purchasing is worth your money. There are a lot of resources online that can help you figure out which products are rip-offs and which ones are legitimate, so take advantage.

Used Mountain Bike PartsUsed Mountain Bike Parts for Sale

Buying second hand MTB components is an excellent way to save money and it's very easy to find quality used mountain bike parts if you know where to look. You might be surprised at how many things like pedals, frames, forks, handlebars, stems, rims, cassettes and tires that people are trying to get rid of and the low prices are just icing on the cake. It's important when you buy used mountain bike parts and accessories that you make sure they are still in good condition otherwise you are just going to end up throwing your money away. This is easy to do when you shop in stores and can see the components up close but when you shop online you have to be extra cautious and smart.

There are several ways of getting used mountain bike parts both around your area and right here on the web. Check out your local cycle shops and pawn shops and you'll probably find a pretty decent selection. There are a lot more used mountain bike parts for sale online though with websites like eBay, Amazon and Craigslist being the most reputable sources to purchase from. If you get on eBay or Craigslist, you might even consider selling your own MTB components and making a little money yourself.

Vintage Mountain Bike Parts for Sale

Unfortunately, it's not too easy to find vintage mountain bike parts if you have never had to look for them before. It can be especially difficult if you're attempting to locate them in a store around your area. I would recommend taking a look at some websites and seeing what they have to offer. Chances are there will be significantly more to choose from.

I suggest visiting as they have one of the best selections available. This site is extremely legit and they have tons of vintage mountain bike parts and accessories including forks, cranks, derailleurs, shifters, freewheels and cassettes, grips, pedals, tires, seats, hubs, rims, frames, brakes and brake levers, headsets, tires and wheels. is a highly reputable source and were once known as but are slowly moving over to their new domain. There are a few other online resources for buying vintage mountain bike parts but none of them really can compare to the aforementioned site, however they are still worth checking out. If anything, eBay and Craigslist are also viable options to consider.