If you are a person on the go with baby in tow, then you need the Mountain Buggy Stroller. The lightweight frame, and the modern design, means you can take your baby anywhere you go. Every Mountain Buggy Stroller is made of a lightweight, high tensile aluminum for their frame.

The Mountain Buggy Stroller helps you stay in shape because you can take this stroller with you while walking in the park, browsing the stores, or even going for a walk on the beach. There are 4 single models of the Mountain Buggy Stroller and they are:

This stroller is perfect for the city, it's versatile, looks great, and it simple to use. It features a front swiveling wheel that makes it easy to turn it with just a single finger. If you need extra stability, you can lock the front wheel, for instance, if you go jogging.

You can also turn the Urban Mountain Buggy Stroller into a pram, with one of their 4 carrycots, which is great for moving a sleeping newborn comfortably. You can easily clip your car-seat straight into the stroller with the infant car-seat clips.

Urban Elite
No need to bring along a diaper bag, this stroller has one built-in. It includes a diaper bag with a changing mat and plenty of pockets to keep everything organized. This stroller is also made of a strong, hard-wearing fabric. It has special padded harness straps to add a bit of luxury and comfort. A soft, removable liner adds warmth and comfort.

The Swift is a compact buggy, with a small, sturdy frame, and a front swivel wheel for the busy streets, crowded cafes, and narrow aisles. And just because it is smaller, does not make it less comfortable for your baby. This stroller i s great for using public transport or for traveling. The frame is designed to pack-down for storage in a small car, or luggage space. It comes in vibrant colors, and is a great choice for anyone on the go.

For those of you who like to stay off the beaten path, this stroller is for you. This is an all terrain stroller that is ready to handle whatever you throw at it. You can take it on the beach, in the snow, or at the local park. This model has a fixed front wheel that enables it to fun true on bumpy surfaces while giving you excellent balance. The rear-wheel suspension along with the air-filled tires, gives your baby a fun, and smooth ride, even if the path is bumpier than usual.

Each Mountain Buggy Stroller is built some of the most stringent global safety standards. You will love your Mountain Buggy Stroller, and have fun while you use it!