Mountaineers are the people who lived in mountains. They are used to walk through and over mountains safely. They have developed skills to survive in such harsh environments, and these skills are passed on from a generation to another. They deal with the mountaineering difficulties better than anybody else. The exercise of these skills is known as «mountaineering». Those who climb a mountain for the sake of reaching its peak are called mountain climbers.

In fact, mountain climbing is just a part of the adventure of mountaineering. It has been practiced for one reason, because this was a very useful skill to have. Previously, this activity was not exercised for fun. It was done for missions like saving strayed ships, or rescuing stranded people. Also, hunters used these techniques to hunt in high terrain. In tourism, you could find mountaineers whose job was to help guiding travelers over hard, and usually high, paths they had to walk. It was not done for the sake of challenging danger or for fun. The myths of monsters and demons that lived in higher peaks prevented mountaineers to enjoy this activity over centuries.

People started to climb the mountains for the sake of discovery and adventuring in early Renaissance in Europe. Petrarch wrote about this in 1335 when he climbed Mont Ventoux in France and he considered it as an exhilarating experience. He saw the hidden beauty of mountains, and he considered it as a close place to the heavens. They started to climb mountains in groups around 1786. They started to climb higher peaks every time and reached peaks that never been visited before in Europe. After reaching the 15,781-foot Mont Blanc, which is the highest point in the Swiss Alps, climbing mountains became a sport for real and more people became interested in it. Around the year 1850, a lot of English climbers practiced this activity in their summer vacations. This is how the dedicated Swiss guides' tradition has been established.

Colonel John Hunt was the first man, with his group, to reach the peak of Mount Everest in the year 1953. This is the most famous mountaineering experiences in history as Mount Everest is the highest point in the world. This British expedition is one of the biggest events in history. There were many attempts to reach the same heights thirty two years before this memorable achievement.