Did you know that you can buy a cowboy hat rack for your truck? These truck cowboy hat racks are actually quite popular for people who wear hats frequently. Cabs which are smaller tend to have less space available for hat storage and many people simply don't like placing their hats on seats or especially truck beds.

Much like you would mount a hat rack on your wall at home to protect and safely store your cowboy hat from dirt that accumulates on surfaces and from items or actions that can bump and damage your hat you can install a mounted cowboy hat rack on the back of your truck or car's bucket seat which your hat can easily sit on. This way you don't have to worry about anything smashing it or getting it dirty while you are driving.

The way truck cowboy hat racks work is simple. They are essentially a hat frame which a wire piece which wraps around the front side of your truck's bucket seat headrest. In the back of the bucket seat the wire attaches to a hat rack form which is ideal for fitted and hard hats such as cowboy hats or even some fedoras. When you get into the car or truck all you have to do is place your hat on the hat rack in the back seat or behind the cab and then be on your way.

Ideally you wouldn't have to take your hat off at all but as we all know not all vehicles have enough room for a full grown man to wear a cowboy hat while driving or while riding as the passenger. These hat racks truly are designed for the hat enthusiast who doesn't want his hat to get damaged but simply can't wear it at all times for reasons beyond his control.

As you would expect a mounted cowboy hat rack is not your average run of the mill hat rack and it is unlikely to be found in just any store. Most traditional stores cater to the masses because they have limited space so unless the majority of people who frequent the store wear cowboy hats racks of there types and kinds are unlikely to be sold very often.

To get you hands on a potential cowboy hat rack for your truck you may want to do some shopping in a local western wear store or hat shop where hat accessories might be sold. Often times however these shops are a little over priced compared to what you can find at similar stores online. Just keep in mind that whatever you can find in a traditional brick and mortar store you can also find online along with a lot of additional variety. Generally you can even find better options for lower prices too if you are a smart shopper who is willing to dig for a deal.

Some good online retailers which have some options for cowboy hat racks include Smith Brothers and FPI Western Wear. These shops are excellent places to shop because they have such a large variety. Because they reside online only they are able to offer a greater selection of a very select subset of products. If you were to find a cowboy hat rack for your truck in stores you would probably have no choice at all when in actuality there are a number of different types to consider.

The most expensive all the types of hat racks will be the fully formed racks which fit your hat's form. These will definitely be bigger and will cost a bit more money. Additionally the fancier racks will have more cushion on the hat hook itself as the hook will be kinder to your hat after many uses. Cheaper hats may be fine but they are less likely to fit the head opening of your hat as well and as a result your hat will move around on the rack a little more intensely when you drive putting extra pressure on the inside brim of your cowboy hat.

One way to combat this if you are concerned about the potential wear and tear a truck cowboy hat rack can inflict on the inside of your hat's brim is to buy a cowboy hat band to place on the inside of your hat's brim which will take the brunt of damage that could theoretically be caused by the jostling of a hat on the rack while your truck is in motion. When all is said and done this is probably not something you should have to worry much about but there are ways to mitigate the risks.

Finding a cheaper option for your truck's hat rack may be something that you want to consider. Hat racks are fairly stable items that don't wear down very much over time and even if you find a good deal on a rack from one of the specialized stores you may find it a better deal to just do your shopping on eBay or Craigslist where you can find used items for much less then the costs of normally priced new items. eBay will also be a good place for you to get to know what price ranges are for the various types of hat racks you can buy so this is a step you may want to take even if you are buying new. After all many retailers liquidate inventory from time to time on eBay so you could fine the best deal on a new item there as well.

No mater what though, you should definitely consider getting a cowboy hat rack for your truck as this will very efficiently help you to take better care of your cowboy hat when you can't be wearing it. We all know that hats are able to be damaged so much easier when they are not being worn so when you have to take them off when you are in the cab of your truck you should spend the money to protect your hat. You don't have to buy the most expensive truck hat rack but something will always be better than nothing.