How to Catch Mice

If you are enjoying a quiet evening, only to be interrupted by scratching in the wall, then you know just how unnerving that can feel. Nothing worse than hearing something in the wall. Little did you know that your new job just became “mouse catcher”.

If you have mice in your wall, then they obviously found a way in. It is possible they started out in the attic and then worked there way down the walls, either way, you need to get them out before they start chewing on wires. My sister is an electrician and has repaired many wires in a wall due to critter chewing. But she ends up having to open the wall right up.

The best way for you to deal with this, is to become a mouse catcher and don’t wait too long. They don’t just suddenly go away. In fact, if they have decided that your house is the best, they are going to create more homes, and more families. Before you know it, your lights are flashing and you have damage, as well as a few fried mice too!

You can try making a homemade mouse trap, if you don’t like the idea of killing them, but would rather relocate them to somewhere other than your house.

One method that seems to work well for a few mice, is done in the kitchen where the mice tend to go at night. Take a cardboard tube (paper towel holder) and flatten one side a bit so it will sit flat on the countertop, but still look like a tube. This stops it from rolling around.

Put a gob of peanut butter at one end, and then find yourself a tall bucket with some padding in the bottom to put under the one end.

What you do is balance the tube with less than 1/2 of it on the counter and the bit with the peanut butter is balancing out over the bucket. The mouse will crawl in the tube and his weight will make it fall in the bucket. This is cool. As a new found mouse catcher, you have caught your first mouse.

But this only works if you are only hearing one or two mice, that maybe just moved in. If you do this each night, they may have procreated a few more in the process if you only use this method. So, here is the best way to catch mice that you hear in a wall. You could try and find their way into the house from the wall, by inspecting around the electrical outlets for any holes the size of a quarter and up and seal it up.

Or, you could try this approach. This will require you to purchase a live trap for numerous mice. So, this is not the time for that tiny one mouse per catch. You need to find the multiple live traps.

You can purchase these online at Amazon. Havahart 1020 Two-Door 10-by-3-by-3-Inch Cage Trap for Mice and Ratsor in the home improvement stores and hardware stores, or you can even check at your local humane society, they may let your borrow one.

Take a piece of baseboard off of your wall in the area that you are hearing the noise.. If you do this right, you should not have too much damage, and you can easily fix this afterwards. You as the mouse catcher, are going to have to get right down on the floor for this next part. Taking a drywall knife cut out a section of drywall that is no higher than your baseboard, so there will not be the need for a huge drywall repair. Carefully cut out this square of drywall (about 2 inches by 2 inches will work). Usually they move away from any human sounds, so don’t worry about being attacked by hundreds of mice through this hole.

Save the piece so you can glue it back in afterwards. No take your live trap and bait it with some good old smelly cheese or crackers or something tasty. Then push the trap right up against the wall where you have your little cutout. If there are any gaps, around the edges between the wall and the trap, then use masking tape or some kind of tape.

Basically you don’t want the mouse going anywhere else but in the live trap. Once they get into these traps they can’t get back out. This is likely to happen overnight. So, pick a night, maybe on the weekend for this experiment. At least you won’t hear that horrible snap like the old mouse traps had. You may just hear some rustling as they try to get back out. They will be too curious to avoid your trap, plus they will smell the tasty treats.

Now, the reason you should do this on the weekend or a day off, is because once they are trapped in here, they will die quickly if you don’t find them a new home. So, you don’t want to be heading to work with them in there.

Now take your humane trap and head out to a wooded area or field or something and set them free. Then take your trap home and do it again for at least a week, until you don’t find anymore mice.

Then take the time and see if you can find where they were getting in, and seal it up. Then put a couple of drops of peppermint oil inside the hole you made in the drywall. They hate that smell. Now carefully place the piece of drywall back in it spot and affix it, and then put your baseboard back on the wall. No damage this way.

You are now a seasoned mouse catcher. You can even offer to do this for any of your friends or family. This is much easier than trying to exterminate mice in the wall with poisons and smelly sprays. If they die in the wall, then you are going to have a different set of problems, it is just better to get them out and keep them out.

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