Today I would like to discuss the three main forms of mouse deterrent. They are ultrasonic, electric, and natural respectively. Sure, there are many other ways besides these, but they are mostly outdated and less efficient. Now don't get me wrong, those spring loaded traps still work, but I don't think that they work as good as some of the other ones that I have to share.

Ultrasonic mouse prevention techniques are not the most traditional. This is actually a very innovative method if you ask me. Basically, all that a homeowner has to do is simply plug it in to a wall outlet, and the device's mechanisms take care of the rest. It's really that simple. However, not all of the ultrasonic mouse deterrent devices plug directly into the wall. Some of them operate on batteries and can be placed where ever the person wants to put them. All you do with these is place them in the proper location, turn on, and they are ready to start deterring those mice. There is one drawback with this method though. The drawback is that there is much speculation to whether or not they really work. If you check some of the many customer reviews, then you will undoubtedly see that the lines are divided. About one half of them say that they work really well, and the other half says that they don't. Overall, the outlook ultrasonic mouse deterrent is quite acceptable.

Electric mouse repellent devices are really cool. Some of the products with technologies like the victor multi-kill electronic mouse trap are pretty advanced when you compare them to the old school traps, which still work by the way. This particular one destroys the mice that enter it by shocking them. So, as compared to other methods, I would have to say that this one is a bit more ethical or humane.

The last few repellent methods that I would like to discuss are some natural mouse deterrent techniques. They involve the simple stuff like cleaning the kitchen regularly for crumbs. Let's be honest, its pretty hard to make sure all of the remains of meals are removed, but putting in a little bit of extra effort can make a difference. Some people have also said that the smell of peppermint works great as well. All of these methods are ethical and humane and seem to have some pretty decent potential. Many seem to just forget about leaving those crumbs and other items on the ground that mice tend to trive off of.