If you are troubled with mice, then you are going to need a mouse deterrent. Something that safely puts them off your house, and is not poisonous to the rest of the family, including your pets.

If you think you may have mice in your house, or you have seen a few outside your house, such as in your garden etc, then you can make a homemade natural mouse deterrent or repellant that works just as well as those toxic ones.

The first thing to know, is what mice don’t like. You may have these items in your house, but if you don’t they not expensive to get, and will leave your house smelling nice. You can resort to moth balls, but not everyone likes the scent of these, and they are dangerous to kids and pets, so try and not use these unless you have to.

Mouse Deterrent - Dryer Sheets. Take one right out of the package unused. Put them in the areas you are concerned about mice. They hate the ingredients that are on the dryer sheets, and will not bother with that room. You can use “used” ones as well, but you will need to put more of these out.

Send Mice Packing


If you worry about mice in your cottage, trailer or seasonal home, then make sure to clean up and package all food into mice proof containers, and really sweep well. Then just before you leave, put a new dryer sheet on the bed and pillow of each room. This will stop the critters from trying to nest in your bedding while you are not there. It is cheap insurance.

Mouse Deterrent - Peppermint Oil - They cannot stand the smell of this. You can use this in conjunction with the used dryer sheets, that may not have much ingredients left on them. You can put a few drops of peppermint oil on the used dryer sheet and put on the bedding and corners of the room where you think mice have been.


In the kitchen you can soak cotton balls in peppermint oil, and leave in the cabinets, especially the bottom ones, or near the garbage cans and recycling area. The added bonus is that your kitchen cabinets will smell nice. Replace as needed.

Of course it is best to trap the ones that are already in your house, and then use the mouse deterrents as above to stop others from coming in to join the party. But if you have a lot of mice in your house, and you don’t want to start live trapping them and all the fuss that comes with it, then consider getting an electric mouse deterrent.


These devices are affordable, and they emit a tone that drives mice, rats and small rodents crazy and they leave on their own, and yet does not effect you, or your own pets. The reviews on this products are very good, and many people have got rid of their mice problems within 2 weeks of using this piece of equipment.

Once you have got rid of the mice, then make sure and seal up any place they have been getting in, such as chewed wood and holes. In a group, they can chew through anything, so really take a good look at your property to make sure you have sealed up their little runways and entrances. Get right in behind the bushes so you can see at ground level too.

Check your eaves and roof too. We had mice climb two stories up a stucco wall to get into our attic. They found a spot the size of a quarter and got in that way. So, really give your house the once over, after they have all left. Just because there are areas up high doesn’t mean they won’t find a way in.

They won’t like the sounds being emitted from this product.

Then it wouldn’t hurt to create a peppermint spray, by putting peppermint oil drops into water, and spraying around the foundation of the house, as a mouse deterrent, inside and out. At least this way your house does not smell like old moth balls! But more of a spring freshness from the dryer sheets, or a fresh peppermint smell from the oil.

As a added bonus, keep these in mind for quick room deodorizers too! Peppermint oil is very concentrated, and just a few drops on some cotton balls and hidden around the house is a great way to freshen it. Putting dryer sheets in the closet, can help to combat “sports equipment” smells too! Put a dryer sheet in the winter boots before you put them away for the season, this gets rid of that stale smell, and also keeps mice out of the soft lining.

If you store your winter gear in the basement, remember that mice like anything that looks like padding or stuffing. We once found a nest built in a winter boot. So, the dryer sheets are a great way to combat that.

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