Ok, so you know there are mice in your house. You are not sure quite where, but you can hear them at night busy chewing things. So, you have put out traps, but these mice are getting smart when it comes to your mouse trap bait.

There are a few baits you can use, and they work well. But if you have to catch a few mice, sometimes they can get smart.

Cheddar Cheese still works well as bait. But this is great for that one hungry rodent that gets in to your live trap. But now the other mice have seen what happened to him!

If you have a few mice to deal with and own a large humane trap, then you need some strong  bait. You can get this commercially or you can try a few homemade baits first.

Cookies - are a great way to attract them. Especially anything with a biscuit both sides, such as Oreo cookies for example. You need to find something that will draw them in.

Saltine Crackers are also a good bait. But sometimes even the above only draw out a few mice, and if they manage to get the bait out of the trap, then they just bring it home to their buddies.

But there are commercial baits on the market that you can buy. These work really well because they create a irresistible scent that attracts the mice. This way you house does not stink of the old cheddar.Mouse TrapCredit: Amazon.com


Set your live trap Smart Mouse Trap - Humane Mousetrapand put in the prescribed amount of this natural bait. It smells of pine nuts and seeds to the little critters, and will attract a few of the mice, so you are catching more than one at a time.


This Mouse Lure works. Pro-Pest Professional Rat & Mouse Lure / Bait

You can purchase commercial products at most pet supply stores and hardware stores or online. You can get them in all different sizes. If you think you have an entire colony to Mouse Trap BaitCredit: Amazon.comcatch, then consider the bigger ones and the commercial ones rather than large amounts of food that can go bad, especially in the heat.

It is possible to live trap the mice. Once you have them trapped, find a wooded area to let them go if you can. Then get home and try and figure out where they are getting in and close up the gaps.  

Start with the basement. Go into your basement in the dark, and have someone on the outside shine a flashlight along the foundation wall between the basement and the siding. This is a really common spot. If the light is shining through any holes the size of a quarter, then get out the calking gun and fill it in. That is all they need to get in.

If you only have one or two mice, then you can use some cheddar cheese, but make sure and change the mouse trap bait out if you don’t catch them right away, you don’t want it to spoil. But to catch a colony will take a large humane trap and some professional mouse trap bait.

If you know they are in the wall. Then you can take off a piece of the baseboard, and cut a small hole in the drywall at floor level and put your live trap right up to the hole. Tape it to the wall if you need to get rid of gaps, and arm it with the mouse trap bait and you will catch them as they come out of the wall to find dinner. Happy Hunting!

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