Although the style lately has called for a lot of super straight, flat-against-the-head hair, it's not a look for  Got 2b Fat-tastic Thickening Mousseeveryone. But trying to get more body can sometimes mean going into the crackly, stiff world of hair spray and gel. That's one of the reasons that mousse, once a staple of the hair travesty that was the 80s, is still a great addition to any hair routine now.
Mousse in moderation is the catch phrase I'll be plugging here. Too much mousse eliminates its charm - the natural body without the stickiness, and using too much of some kinds of mousse can leave white flakes in the hair, a minus for people who aren't going for the dandruff look. Mousse leaves a very thin layer or resin on the hair, which is fine as long as it doesn't get too thick. Think golf ball when you're dispensing and you should be about right, no matter how long your hair is. If you think that might be too much, start with less and work up.
Here are some good ways to get the most out of your mousse.

  • Don't put mousse on hair right after you get out of the shower. (I've been guilty of this one. It doesn't do much.) You can put it on wet hair or dry, but the best way is probably when your hair is about 60% dry. Blot it, air dry it, or blow dry it halfway, then apply some mouse and work your hair into the style you want as you continue drying.
  • If you want volume, go for the roots. Work it in with your fingers to get some lift right where it matters, especially if you're using a blow dryer.
  • Even if you're starting at the roots, make sure mouse is distributed throughout the hair. The best way to make sure you avoid large clumps of resin and stickiness is to rub your hands together first. It doesn't need to look perfect and foamy to work.
  • Diffusers are a great tool to use with mousse, especially with naturally curly hair. The mousse can tone down frizz and play up the natural curl.
  • Letting your hair dry naturally with mousse in it (i.e. overnight) can provide a great base of texture for curling hair and getting good hold.
Be sure to read about the product you use before you buy it. Some mousse is to build volume in straight hair, some helps to bring out curl, some is meant for fine hair, etc. Make sure the mousse you're buying is going to help your hair type.